#WritingWednesday- Same Time Next Week: The Meeting

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Hi folks! I picked a fun snippet for today from my first #NaNoWriMo project, Same Time Next Week. There’s a bit of language in this one so… read at your own risk!  Also please note that this story is fanfiction so if that doesn’t float your boat, it won’t hurt my feelin’s none!

Read the full story at the NF archive HERE or my personal archive HERE.

Oh my fucking God! 

She just kept saying it to herself, because she couldn’t think of anything else to say. Why the fuck would HE be at a goddamned grocery store at like, 5am? Didn’t he have people to shop for him?

It amused Shelby, only slightly though, that she was more pissed than star struck. Mostly because she looked like ass, and she knew it. She hadn’t even attempted to comb her hair or wipe off her lipstick from earlier in the day, or shower or…or… anything. And here she was in the middle of a grocery store, staring at one of music’s most eligible bachelors looking like shit on a stick. She cursed at herself all the way down the aisle, vowing to never, not ever step out of the house looking bad, ever again. And of course, her luck would dictate that she would never, not ever see him again, despite looking like a beauty queen.

‘Just shop, and get the hell out of here,’ she told herself, mumbling something about frozen waffles, and turned a corner. A sale caught her eye and she turned her head, but beyond the sign she was reading, she saw his cart still protruding from the same aisle, and a flash of raven hair duck behind the end cap. And then the cart yanked out of sight, and she guessed, back down the aisle.

‘I think he was watching me! Creepy fucker.’

Not that she was in any position to entertain an advance from anyone, let alone him,  but she was flattered, sort of. If she looked better, she’d have been happy to return the attention, but who knew what he was looking at, and why? Was he laughing at her? Did he think she was drunk? Crazy? Ugly? Was he comparing her to all those hot women he knew back in LA… and what was he even doing here, in Orlando? Didn’t he live in California?

‘Fuck him, ruining my shopping trip. Hope he liked the view.’

Fuming, Shelby dug her short grocery list out of her bag and began checking items off, trying to put him—that gorgeous piece of man with blue eyes and dark hair and broad chest and voice like silk—out of her mind. It would probably be the only time she’d ever see him. It was just her luck that she met him at the wrong time, but maybe that’s what she deserved. She didn’t need to complicate her life anymore.

For all her efforts, she only ended up with a few bags, not even enough to drag the cart out to the parking lot. She parked her cart with the others and carried her bags to her car, popping the trunk with the button on her key, dumping the bags into the trunk and finally sliding into the driver’s seat. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, lighting up the car with a soft pink glow.

Shelby started the car and checked her rear view mirror. Holy… God. She looked at herself and wondered why he didn’t cringe when he saw her. Her hair was a mess, her face was pale, her lips were still stained with the previous day’s color. And her t-shirt was on inside out, the seams and backward logo across her chest screaming incompetence and lack of care in how she looked. She wanted to yell and curse and throw things, but would have felt stupid doing so. Instead, she rammed the car into drive and squealed out of the parking lot, back down the road toward the house.

‘Dear God, if I ever get a chance to see him again, please make it when I actually look good, okay?’  



He had just ducked into his car, key in the ignition, about to crank it when he saw her again, bouncing out of the store. She looked to be in a hurry, carrying several bags and a small purse toward a late model Mercedes. He felt creepy, staring at her, watching her, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to see her face, again.

She was oblivious, loading her trunk, slamming it closed, walking around to the driver side door, her breasts under her t-shirt bouncing with her movements. He licked his suddenly very dry lips, feeling a lick of fire through his groin. ‘Down boy,’ he muttered to himself. ‘Not today. But good to see you’re still alive.’

Faster than he would like, she ducked into her car. Her windshield was tinted, but not fully, as per the law in the state of Florida. From across the parking lot, he could still make out her face. It had a nice shape to it, sort of a heart. He wished he could remember what color her eyes were, but probably brown. Cute little nose. Arched brows, so maybe her look that morning was a fluke. He couldn’t say he’d look much better if he hadn’t have come from somewhere else. She had to have a reason to be up at 5am, out and about, randomly shopping. He was going to guess insomnia.

Either that, or she was nuts.

He watched her check herself out in the rearview mirror, a look of disgust crossing her face. He laughed out loud, the sound a shock in the silence of the car. ‘Yeah, she’s kicking herself, right about now.’  She rolled her eyes at herself, her full, pretty lips pursed as she pulled out, tires squealing as she rounded the corner at the end of the street.

Girls were funny. She was pissed that she looked like shit.

Really, JC didn’t care. He still hoped he might see her again.

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