#WIPWednesday: A Thin Line- The First Lie

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Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s been a bang up summer, evidenced by the fact that I haven’t been here much… and I’m not even sorry! I’ve been taking a break but it IS Wednesday and I am always thinking about ongoing projects. I hate to leave things unwritten and one of the ways I get myself moving on an old, stale project is to trot it out for WIP Wednesday.

I’m still working on this serial, though I haven’t updated in QUITE AWHILE, SORRY ABOUT IT. It’s a story from the fanfic archive, however it is “alternate universe” so really only the name and mannerisms belong to a public figure. Everything else, including my heroine is fictional. It is entitled A Thin Line about two people who’ve known each other their whole lives, used to date but as adults absolutely hate each other, but are forced to work together on a project for their two best friends, which helps them realize that they actually love each other.  Enemies to friends is kind of my favorite trope and it’s been fun to write two people who do nothing but pick at each other and then transition to them falling in love. I’m just…. kind of stuck right now since I know how I want it to end but not how to get to that ending right now. I’m planning to read this project front to back and get a feel for it again and try to move forward.

Anyhoozle. Today I am going back to the past, to where it began for the two lovebirds, living one house away from each other and navigating budding sexuality as well as a 15 year old can. Our heroine, Angie, has recently discovered her massive crush JC, the kid down the street…. and the crush goes both ways.  You can read this story (warning, it is unfinished) HERE at the NF Archive

This snip is Rated R!

I stepped back, closed the refrigerator door and turned to face him. I was nervous but unsure why. This was JC, the kid that lived two houses down. The same guy I’ve known for years that I used to play in the dirt with and ride bikes with and catch frogs with. Same guy. Right?

No. This JC was different. I didn’t know what to expect from this tall, gangly almost man with the peaches and cream skin and the luscious hair and the voice that made me go all stupid. The fact that I couldn’t predict him was exciting.

“So what do you want to do?” He asked.

I smiled and bit my bottom lip, then lunged toward him, throwing my arms around his neck and pressing myself against him. He seemed taken aback at first but once he regained his footing, he wrapped me up tight in his arms and tipped his head toward me. Our lips met in a crush of pants and moans and shuffling of feet as we moved to the living room and then landed in a heap on the couch.

JC wiggled his way around so he was on top of me, between my legs like the night before, except this time he wasn’t being so polite. His tongue was swirling around mine and his hips were gyrating into me. It felt so good to buck my hips and meet his thrusts and stare up at his face while he moved. He was concentrating, deeply. His eyes were closed, his cheeks flush, his breath coming in fast, hard puffs.

“Wait, wait, wait. Stop.” I started to sit up, so JC moved to the side, wiping sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Sorry,” he said, his voice gruff. “I’m sorry, I’ll stop. You just…you feel good.”

“I don’t want us to stop, stop.”

JC’s head snapped up. “What?”

“I just want to move… upstairs.”

“Oh.” Relief washed over his face and he stood up, ready to go. “Okay.”

We climbed the stairs, JC following me closely down the hall to my room.  He stepped in, looked around and smiled.  “I haven’t been in your room in forever. Where’s all the pink stuff you used to have?”

When I was younger, my mother seemed to mourn the fact that I was a tomboy. She decorated my room in pink and white and it was so sickeningly sweet, I eventually refused to sleep in there. I’d had the white eyelet comforter and curtain set for a few years and while it was pretty plain, it was better than pink.

“I threw it away when I grew up. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“Good. That pink shit was hideous.”

We laughed, relaxing a little. I sat on my bed and kicked off my shoes, then gave a soft pat-pat to the bed next to me. JC sat next to me, tucked his hands underneath him and stared at his feet for a few seconds.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” I said. “We can just talk.” I mentally crossed my fingers that he would want to do more than talk.

“I want to,” he said. Thank God. “I don’t know how to start.” He paused for a moment and then looked at me. “Do you want to?”

“If you want to.” I shrugged. “Did you bring…. uhm… like… a condom?”

He reached into his back pocket, pulled out a tri fold wallet, ripped the Velcro flap open and fished out a small disc wrapped in plastic. I took it and inspected it. It didn’t look like any condom I’d ever seen. Not that I’d seen a whole lot of them.

“How old is this?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know. I found it.”

“You found a condom so you just picked it up and put it in your wallet? And you brought this out to use with me? What if it has a hole in it or something?”

He grabbed it from me and held it up to the light. “It doesn’t have a hole in it. See?  Anyway, I couldn’t get one from my dad. He had a vasectomy.”

“It could still have a hole in it.” I sighed and rolled off the bed, stomped down the hall, down the stairs to my parents’ bathroom, reached deep into the closet for the basket of things my mother didn’t know that I knew about. I fished out a couple of condoms and went back upstairs. JC was still sitting in the same place. I handed one to him and threw the other one into the drawer in the night stand.

JC looked from me to the small square package and back to me. “You want me wear your dad’s condoms.”

“You were gonna take one from yours. It’s brand new.”

“Okay. So. Should I… I should take my clothes off?”

“If you want.”

Off came his shirt, which he laid out carefully along the edge of the bed. Baby fine hairs curled against the pale skin of his chest. His arms were the same shade of bland until about mid-forearm when his tan and the hair kicked in. He stood to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans and kick off his shoes. I watched with amusement and amazement at him, his body and what we were seriously about to do.

“Are you going to take your clothes off?”

“Oh. Yeah.” I was so distracted by watching him undress I forgot I had to as well. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and unzipped my jeans, letting them fall to the floor and stepping out of them. We were in our underwear, in the middle of my bedroom, staring at each other.

“So…we should…” I gestured toward the bed and we climbed on top of the comforter and sat there. “Maybe we should pull the comforter back. In case… I mean, I’m a virgin and I heard–”

“Okay.” We got up again, pulled the cover back and stared at the crisp white sheets. “You should get-”

“-a towel,” I finished, then rushed to the linen closet next to my bedroom and dug out a dark towel.  I spread it over the middle of the bed. “Okay. We just have to stay on that.”

We climbed back up onto the bed and sat on the towel.

“Let’s just lay down, “I suggested. “And if we feel like doing something, we will.”

“Right,” he agreed, lying down next to me, flat on his back and then immediately rolling to his side and propping himself up on an elbow. Despite the fact that we had yet to do anything, he seemed pretty proud of himself. “You’re a virgin?”

I nodded. “Are you?”

His eyes dropped and he shrugged a shoulder. “I wanted you to be the first.”

“You did?”

He nodded, his cheeks flushing pink again. That made me want to kiss him. I wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him on top of me. I felt him through his boxers. He felt bigger…harder. Way different than through two pairs of jeans.

We kissed and humped and moaned for a few minutes before JC sat up, rolled the boxers down his hips and reached for the condom that he had set aside. His erection was raging, the tip of it red and the shaft sticking straight out from his body. I’d only seen one dick before and it was okay. JC’s was fun to look at.

Ripping the packaging open, he pulled out the latex ring and looked at it for a moment before rolling it on.

With an almost clear latex sheath on it, it was a little scary but I decided I was just going to go with it. I wanted to have sex. I wanted to have sex with JC. I laid back and lifted my hips so I could roll my panties down. My bra disappeared over the side of the bed. I was bare-naked in front of him and he seemed to be enjoying the view.

I pulled at his arms and encouraged him to lie back down, which put him exactly where he needed to be.

“Will this hurt you?”

Morgan and I had already had multiple conversations about sex. I knew more about Nick than I’d ever wanted to know about another boy. I also knew what their first time was like. It sounded like fun… eventually… and I had been looking forward to doing it myself. At the time, I didn’t have a boy in mind but ever since JC kissed me the night before, he was the only one I wanted to touch me.

“I heard it hurts, but only for a second.”

“Okay. I’m sorry if it hurts.” Before I could answer, I felt him at the entrance to my body and lifted my hips to accept him. He moved slightly, thrusting gently, going deeper with each stroke, watching my face. He looked so scared, it made me almost laugh, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“I feel okay,” I said, encouraging him. “It doesn’t hurt much. You can go in more.” He took instruction well, pushing further than before, then pulling back and pushing in and pulling back, until he was buried inside me and moving without obstruction, just delicious friction.

He smiled down at me. “We’re having sex.”

“Uh huh.” I couldn’t say much more because I was in awe of him inside me, filling me up. I felt like I could feel every pulsing vein and throbbing muscle, not to mention my own body reacting to him, seemingly out of my control.

My body arched up to him, in rhythm with his thrusts. I heard moaning then realized it was coming from him. The sound of him enjoying himself, with me, inside me-I felt powerful.  That we’d done this with each other, for each other, meant the most to me.

“Fuck, Angie!” He yelped and then went wild, bucking and gyrating which made me buck my hips into him harder. Seconds later I felt what I can only describe as an explosion-like someone left a livewire inside me. I might have screamed, I don’t remember… I did wrap my arms around JC’s shoulders and hang on for dear life while he pounded into me until he gave out a loud moan and collapsed on top of me, dripping wet with sweat, hot to the touch and panting so hard I thought he was about to pass out.

Afterward we lay next to each other, both staring wide eyed at the ceiling. I couldn’t help but smile, even through the aching at my core and the soreness in my thighs.

I had sex! I had sex with JC. Wow.

“Hey,” I whispered to him. He grunted in reply but turned his head toward me.  “I’m so happy you were my first.”

JC blinked a few times and then smiled. “Yeah,” he answered, his voice gritty and weak. “Uhm… I’m glad you were my first too.”

That was the first lie he ever told me.


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