The numbers, post Launch Day

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I’m not much of a numbers chick but I am interested in how these numbers turn into coins in my bank account. Many  (okay, FOUR) people are asking me how many books I’ve sold so far.

Welp, that’s kiiiiiiind of a hard question to answer because I did a really great pre-sale both on Amazon and Lulu. In fact, most people that bought the paperback already had their books before the eBook went on sale.  To get a good count, I took snapshots of what I’m tracking and where.

Amazon: Great pre-sale of 25 orders. 15 orders on day of launch and 2 orders yesterday. Trickle trickle, but I was happy with Pub day numbers!


Smashwords: This is where I track everything that goes to every market except for Amazon and Lulu. Paltry sales but since Amazon is such a giant, I didn’t even expect the 4 sales I got through B&N and iBooks!

smashwords sales

On another note re: Smashwords, I really love their charts! They’re easy to read and detailed. And pretty!

Lulu: Paperback versions of Ruby’s are on sale at B&N, Amazon and other places but I SEVERELY discounted the price at Lulu, so that’s the best place to buy it and the only place I am tracking. Extremely nice pre-sale ( I think I sold about 25 pre launch) and a few sales after the book went live.


I’ve omitted any royalty amounts but trust me…. I’m not rich yet!

So, this gives me a baseline to go off of. I may try some advertising, pushing the book in different places. In a few months I will futz with the price, maybe give a few more away, may be do a blog tour or something (though I hear those don’t really generate sales and since I’m footing every bill right now, I’m not interested in laying out more money for zero return).  I would like to see a steady stream of sales, a few a day through any marketplace. That would make me happy.

Actually, breaking even will make me happy. I’m actually at nearly $100 in royalties on Amazon, so… super right?!



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