#SampleSunday: Same Time Next Week – Peanut Butter Kiss

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Sample Sunday

Today’s Sample is from my forthcoming Interracial Erotic Romance entitled Same Time Next Week.

From the author of ANONYMOUS and Brunch at Ruby’s comes a decadent, sexy, indulgent Interracial Romance.

In a past life, Jackson Sweeney, child star and former member of award winning male vocal group ‘Boy Wonder’, was more rich and famous than he’d ever imagined he could be. But that was then. Now he’s returning home to Orlando to take on a new job– Music Director to rock’s reigning Prince, Rod Phillips. On an early morning shopping trip, he meets a disheveled insomniac named Shelby.

Shelby Morris is a troubled young woman in hiding and on the run. Her past involves a fiery accident, a murder accusation and an escape from Miami in the dead of night. She doesn’t sleep, so she wanders until dawn. On a warm twilight morning, she happens upon music’s most eligible bachelor at the grocery store.

Sparks fly, especially the next morning when they accidentally-on-purpose meet up again. After a flirty first date, they decide to meet up again the next week. And the next. And the next. Soon, Thursdays come to mean decadent chocolate cake, sweet red wine and two bodies intertwined.

Every attempt to get to know this beautiful, mysterious woman is rebuffed; Shelby is cagey, full of secrets that can’t be pried from her. Jackson can’t risk another relationship where he gives more than he gets… but Thursdays have become a habit that his body can’t do without.

Eight seconds turns Shelby’s life on end, luring an old enemy from the shadows. Jackson is poised to learn more than she ever wanted him to know about the woman she used to be. And this time, her mistakes could hurt someone she’s come to love.

This summer, Thursdays will never be the same!

Enjoy and remember you can add this book to your TBR HERE or Preorder it at Amazon| Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | IBooks(link coming soon) | Smashwords  | lulu.com (link coming soon)

Dessert Lady was an eclectic store front with striped awnings over the windows and tables for two set up around the small space. At the front of the store, a glass case was lined with rows of pies from cherry to strawberry and cakes from pound cake to chocolate cake to coffeecake. Shelby’s eyes lit up at the selection. Jackson was momentarily forgotten-she was lusting after the chocolate torte, sitting in the middle of the case.

“Have you had any of these before?”

“Did I mention I’m a pig? I have had all of these before. The chocolate torte is excellent, if you really like chocolate.”

She tossed him a sinful smile and licked her lips. “I do really like chocolate.”

“The Six Layer Cake is good, too… or the Oreo Cheesecake. I’m partial to the Peanut Butter Pie.”

After a few minutes of crawling the dessert case and drooling over each selection, Shelby made her decision, nodding at the decadent layers of chocolate in the middle of the case. “That torte is calling my name.”

Jackson ordered for the both of them and then, despite being alone in the store, pulled her toward a table near the window behind an oversized fringe curtain. The table was so small that their knees bumped under it.

“So, you’ve been in Orlando all of four days. What do you think of it?”

Shelby gulped from the glass of water set in front of her. Three beers and two shots made for a tipsy girl. She wanted all of her wits about her later on. “I like it. It’s nice. I mean, a little frustrating at times, but at least it’s quiet. I feel like I don’t get a moment’s peace in Miami. The city never sleeps. That gets tiring after a while. So, yeah, it’s nice. Winter Park is really small town.”

“Whereabouts in Winter Park do you live? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Off of Park, near the community college.”

He nodded, grinning. “I know the area. I’m not too far from there. I have a place on Lake Virginia. How weird that we live so close to each other.”

She smirked, giving her head a little tilt. “Well, not really. We met at the neighborhood grocery store. It’s not like I drove from Melbourne to shop at the Winter Park Publix.”

Jackson smirked, narrowing his eyes, mouthing a playful smartass across the table. He was delightful. So funny and laid back. And cute. And so sexy. Every time he smiled at her, her stomach lurched and she throbbed. Everywhere.

Ask me already! I don’t want to go home tonight. How many more clues do I need to send?!

“Here we are,” said the server, a short woman dressed in white. “Peanut butter pie and chocolate torte. Enjoy.” She slid two plates and two forks onto the table and left a stack of napkins.

“That looks so good,” she said, eyeing his plate, stacked high with a peanut butter-chocolate concoction.

“It is. Haven’t had it in a long time.”  He sliced off a chunk and slid it into his mouth, his eyes closing as he chewed, a few light moans coming from his throat.

Shelby laughed at his dramatics. “You look like you’re about to come.”

He laughed, almost shooting peanut butter and chocolate out of his mouth. “Not yet,” he said, wiggling a brow at her while shoving another forkful in his mouth. “It is good though. Want to try some?”

“I’d love a taste.”

Jackson picked up his fork again, but she stopped him with a touch of her hand, shaking her head slowly, a hint of a smile on her lips, hoping he would catch her hint. “Not… that way…”

He blinked and then, springing into action, reached under the table to grab a rung of her chair and slide her around so she was sitting next to him.  Wasting no time at all, he leaned in, tilting his head toward her. She met him halfway, mouth open, eyes closed, heart racing.

His tongue rasped across hers, over and under and around, swirling, spreading the sweet taste of peanut butter and chocolate with it. His lips were soft, brushing against hers over and over, light as air. Shelby fought herself every second, trying not to push the table back and climb onto his lap, sort of grateful he hadn’t touched more than her lips. She was already on the edge and just about over the point of no return.

He pulled back, his eyes dark and hooded, but his expression gentle. “How was it?” he mumbled, his face still so close to hers.

“Delicious,” she answered, grinning, licking residual peanut butter taste off of her lips. Trying not to pant. “And the pie wasn’t half bad either.”

“Thank you. I enjoyed that myself.”

“Good. It’s uhm… rich. The Peanut Butter Pie.”

“Yeah, it is. That’s why I like it. Lots of flavor.”

He stared at her, blinking every few seconds. She stared back, bold. Refusing to look away and pretend she was shy, despite how… intense his stare was.

“So, uhm. Are you… are you tired, or…”

“Not at all.”  

He cleared his throat and swallowed again. “I was thinking we could go someplace a little more private.”

“Oh? Where would this place be?”

His tongue flicked out of his mouth, wetting his bottom lip. He reached for his water glass and sucked down half of it. Shelby’s eyes never left his face. He laughed, finally, his gaze returning to hers.

“Why are you making this so hard on me?”

She giggled, caught in the act. “Because you already know the answer.”

“I do?”

She gave him a knowing come on, now glance. “How many times am I going to hear Jackson Sweeney ask me to go home with him?”

The smile faded, slowly. His eyes dropped to her lips and he kissed her again, this time more forceful and passionate, deep breaths through his nose, his lips pressing hard against hers, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth, almost fighting with hers. He grabbed the back of her head and held her against him, against his mouth while he kissed her. It was the hottest kiss she’d ever had. Ever.

He ended the kiss and before his eyes even opened, said, “Come home with me.”

“Yes,” she said, her voice no higher than a whisper. “We should get our dessert to go. I’ll want to taste this later.”

He leaned in to her, his lips almost touching her ear. “I’ll want to taste it later, too.”

Shelby stood so fast, she nearly knocked the chair over. She’d had to calm herself as they left the store, to go boxes in hand.  Jackson was in a hurry, pulling her down Church Street, then crossing the street and walking toward his car. The lights flashed and the door lock clicked with a mechanical sound.

“Shouldn’t I follow you in my car?”

“Nah,” he said, swinging the passenger side door open. “Hop in. I’ll bring you back.” He all but pushed her into the car and shut the door as soon as she was inside, then walked around and got in on the driver’s side.

“Okay, Jackson?” Shelby laid a hand on his arm. She understood his pain… really, she did. But this rush job wasn’t sexy and was ruining the mood. “Relax. This is happening. I’m not a tease. You don’t have to rush. Take your time.”

Jackson exhaled, blowing out a long, slow breath. He laid a hand over hers and squeezed. “Sorry. I’m just… I’m… I want to do this. Like, yesterday.”

“I know. I want that, too. Just slow down a little. Be gentle. For now.”  She teased him, scraping a fingernail lightly down his arm. He groaned and squirmed in the seat, shoving the key into the ignition and jamming the START button. The engine roared to life.

“Lady…”  Jackson heaved a sigh and rolled his eyes upward. “You’ve been killing me, all night long. I can’t wait to get you home.” He grabbed her hand and shoved it between his thighs, wrapping her fingers around the hard mass curled up in the front of his jeans.

“Don’t even think about moving that.”

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