*Sample Sunday* Anonymous – “Tell Me Your Name”

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AnonymousIn honor of ANONYMOUS turning a year old this week, I’m posting a sample from that short story. This work was originally fan-fiction, then I rewrote it for inclusion in a holiday anthology for Crimson Romance. When it was rejected, I decided to publish it myself… and thus began my journey as a self published author.

Putting this release together involved so many steps I’d never even thought of! Editing, formatting, having a cover created, figuring out how to assign an ISBN, adding the book to Goodreads… I loved every minute of my first publishing experience. I went on to do it twice more and I hope I’ll do it multiple times in the coming year!

Happy Birthday, Jacob Cutter and Marisa Castillo, my hero/heroine from ANONYMOUS. You made me proud!

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This sample is rated R for sexual content! 


“What?” She panted, her breasts heaving against him. He almost hated himself for this. Almost. “Tell me! What?”
“Tell me your name.”
She rolled her eyes and coughed out a haughty chuckle. “I told you, it doesn’t matter. We won’t know each other past tomorrow. Come on. Let’s finish.”
Slowly, his head wagged from side to side. “Your name. Tell me your name and I’ll fuck you like no one has ever fucked you before. Don’t tell me and I’ll pull out and call you a cab.”
She blinked, several times. Rapidly. His eyes dared her to try her luck. Her eyes searched his face for signs that he really meant it.
He sighed, then muttered, “Oh, well,” and began to pull back.
She locked her legs around his body and clutched him, her nails digging into the skin of his back. “No! Please. Please, please, please finish.”
“Tell me your name and I will.” To tempt her, his hips made a single revolution, grinding hard against her clit.
Her eyes rolled back in her head. “Ohhhhh my God…” Her voice shook, her entire body trembling by this point.
“Your name,” he said, pulling back ever so slightly. She clung to him, her limbs locked tightly around him. It took every ounce of his strength to hold out. “Now.”
“Okay!”  She cried out, her voice ragged. “It’s Marisa. My name is Marisa. Please….”
He thought she might cry if he didn’t start again. Perfect. “Marisa what?”
“Castillo! Marisa Castillo.”
He had an answer, one that satisfied him so as promised, he began to move again, albeit slowly. “Thank you, Marisa,” he said, slowly thrusting into her. She responded exactly as he hoped, a guttural groan uttered with fervor and intensity. And volume. “My name is Jacob. Nice to meet you.”
She laughed, but it sounded more like she was delirious. He wasn’t even sure she could hear him. He closed his hand over her neck, under her chin and gently squeezed with just enough force to get her attention. “Say hi to me.”
“Hi,” she panted, smiling. “Hi, Jacob. Oh my God, please…I’m so close.”
He obliged. After all, it was his orgasm too. He sped his movements, buoyed by her sultry, wicked pleas in his ear. It didn’t take long for her to stiffen and then toss her head back and wail while her body convulsed and she pulsed around him. The sensation was more than he could take and he fell over the edge of climax right behind her.
Still connected, breathing deep, satisfied breaths, they lay together. She brushed her lips against his. They shared a sated, soft kiss and then he rolled to his side, pulling her close to him.
Moments later, her eyes fixed on his. She had something to say, clearly. But she wasn’t saying it. He raised his brows in question. She swallowed hard, then whispered, “I have a confession.”
“Uh oh. Moment of truth? Your name isn’t Marisa?”
He felt her laughter vibrating through her body. “Not that,” she said, shaking her head. “That is my name. But…I know… I knew your name.”
His forehead wrinkled and his eyes narrowed at this new information. “You know me?”
She nodded. “I’m an Editor for a Technology journal. That’s how I know you. I recognized you the second I saw you in the lounge. Jacob Cutter, CEO of KeyPads Mobile Security, Inc. Also known as The Most Eligible Bachelor in Tech.”
“You know who I am?” He pushed himself to a sitting position. She sat up as well, gathering the sheet around her bare form.  She’d known the whole time. When she nodded again, he asked, “So… why… why couldn’t you just tell me your name?”
“It was fun this way, wasn’t it? And see, you never called out my name, anyway. It wasn’t important.”
He sucked in a breath, taking it all in. The entire night was a game. Her game.
“Are you angry?”
He should have been. But she was right… it was fun not knowing. And fun pulling it out of her. She had to know that he was going to try to find out. Jacob fought the beginnings of a smile.
“I should be, but I wouldn’t say that’s what I’m feeling right now. Played, is more like it.”
She winced at the word. “In… a good way?”
“Is there a good way to be played?”  He smirked, letting the evening roll through his mind, most especially the last ten minutes. “The end result was enjoyable.”
“Were you really going to stop if I didn’t tell you my name?”
He laughed, knowing he’d been caught playing his own game. “Nah.”
She giggled, reaching out to tap him lightly on the arm. “Now who feels played?”
“You could have just told me your name. Tonight would have ended the same way.”
“An anonymous tryst is more fun. You were willing to believe I didn’t know who you were.”
He reached for her and lay back down, bringing her to him. She scooted close, up against him and brushed her lips across his chin. “So, tell me this. I would have never known. Why did you come clean?”
She sighed, gazed at him for a moment then said, “I couldn’t lie to you anymore. Besides,” she continued, her voice no louder than a whisper. “Once I left and you googled me—you know you would have—you’d find out anyway. There’s no way I wouldn’t have recognized you. I’d rather you found out from me.”
He was silent, his eyes and lips closed, but not asleep. “Do you want me to leave?” She whispered. He shook his head no and opened his eyes. It was his turn to stare.
“Is your name really Marisa Castillo?”
“Yes. That’s really my name.”
“And do you really hold the prestigious position of Secretary for the… what is it? Cubans of something?”
She laughed. The worry drained from her face. “Young Cuban Americans. Yes. I really am very important.”
“Well, then I guess you aren’t totally a liar.” He tipped her chin up to bring her lips closer so he could kiss them. “But I think we should fuck one more time, with no deceit between us. I know who you are and you know who I am.”
“I like that idea.”
Jacob rolled off of the bed and waved toward the TV and the mini-bar on his way to the bathroom. “Make yourself at home, Marisa.”

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