Ruby’s News & Weekend Reads- Happy Friday!

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Wondering what my weekend might look like? THIS.

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I’m not saying I’m a coffee freak that likes to lay in bed reading books. I’m just saying that’s my ideal vision of my weekend. I have plenty of material to read, including two ARCs from NetGalley to review by their release date of January 27th- Huntress Moon & Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff. I’m a fan of FBI/Profiler kinds of books and TV shows, I saw the blurb and thought I would give them a go. We’ll see if they hold my interest– I’m way harder on ARCs than I am on a book that’s already out. I haven’t figured out why, really. But I am.

17707462In addition I am reading From Scratch, a book about the beginnings of and inside the Food Network. I used to watch that channel sun up to sun down. I don’t really like to cook, but I love food and love watching people prepare it (I also watch an awful lot of Food Factory, Food Tech and How It’s Made…..). This book is pretty dry on paper but I always convert books to pdf so that my phone app can read it aloud to me while I am driving. Makes a commute interesting and in the 45 mins it takes me to get from A to B, I can get a chapter in. Slow going, but faster than if I were laying in bed reading it. Hoping to actually finish that one up this weekend as well.

Yesterday I did a count of how many books I have agreed to read (for review) between now and June 1. 16. Eeep. Keeping in mind that a few of my favoritest authors also have books coming out before July and I am going to be one readin’ chick. Which will be a challenge because I also have a book coming out and a book niggling at me to start putting it together. With that…


How ’bout a little Ruby’s news?

Not too much happening in Ruby’s world, at least not front facing right now. Lots of behind the scenes work.

I have sent images over to my graphic designer to work on a cover for ebook and paperback covers.

I’ve sent the document to my Brunch Club Beta Group and eagerly await their feedback.

I’m thinking about and starting to put together some Launch Day Fun Times– giveaways and lots of good stuff to celebrate the launch of my first full length novel

And… I’ve started a newsletter! I’d LOVE IT if you’d sign up. Peep the link up in the navigation bar or just click here, lazybones!

I also added a BOOKS page to this blog. I AM SO READY. Sort of. Wait… I’m not ready!

Stay tuned for more news on that front! I am open to questions and suggestions… bring ’em on! I’m excited to be an indie author and I want the experience to be great for me and my readers.

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