Ruby’s News: We have Pre-order liftoff!

Posted 5 February, 2015 by DLWhite in Announcements, Writers Write 1 Comment

02You guys. I might explode if life gets any more greater.

I hadn’t planned on uploading Ruby’s to sites until I was ready for it to be on sale… but I’m ready to TALK about Ruby’s and PROMOTE Ruby’s…. so without a sales link and with the microwave nature of our culture these days, I felt like any promo would be tantamount to tossing words up in the air and watching them blow away.

So, I made myself sit down and figure out how I could set this book up for presale at Amazon at least but still take my time with last minute edits. I’m STILL changing the description of the book!

Kindle direct allows you to upload a book, set a presale date that is at least two weeks out, and mark it as a draft version. You must upload your final version ten days before your on sale date. HUZZAH. I’ve done the same with Smashwords, so when it goes live there, it’ll be a few days before it is shipped off to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Books, Scribd and the like. I’m also working with Lulu on paperback production as more than a few people have let me know they’d prefer a paperback. I’m warning everyone that the physical copies of the book will be print on demand, so much pricier than the ebook and I promise I’m not gouging. I might make FITTY CENTS on them.

Okay so ANYWAY I uploaded at around 9am or so and at about 7PM I got an email that the book was uploaded and to remind me to upload my final version by March 14. That means……………. that Ruby’s is up for presale grabs right now! HO. LEE. CRAP.

I hope this never gets old!

So… if you’re a kindle person, grab the goods HERE. If you want another format, watch this Smashwords link HERE. Don’t forget that ANONYMOUS (my steamy NYE story) is still available for free at Smashwords and for 99cents at *Amazon!


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