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Those who have been following me around some social media sites have seen some rumblings about a new book coming! Yay!

Before you ask, no it is not the Ruby’s followup. I don’t honestly see that coming until 2016. It’s still in the planning process and I want to do that book justice. However, in the interest of having books I want to release and people who want to read them, I have an Interracial Erotic Romance coming to you July 14, 2015!

Let’s OOOH and AHHH over the pretty cover together:

Cover Artist: V.M.

A recurring element in this story is decadent chocolate and sweet red wine, but I just couldn’t get that image to work. The chocolate…….. didn’t look like chocolate, if you know what I mean. My favorite color is RED and when I found this image, it struck me as gorgeously romantic! I’ve posted the blurb for this book a few times, but in case you’ve missed it:

Jackson Sweeney, former pop star on his way to down-and-out needed a new start after an old love left his life in ruins. Shelby Morris, a woman in hiding needed a distraction from the scandal that nearly destroyed her.

One night a week. A casual, indulgent habit. Inhibitions low. Expectations high. Pleasure… off the charts.

But Jackson is curious about beautiful, mysterious Shelby, a woman he’s falling for. Shelby fears she will repeat a past she’s fiercely protecting, terrified that when Jackson learns her secrets, he will be disgusted by the woman she used to be.

When an enemy re-enters Shelby’s life, there’s nowhere to run… and this time, her mistakes could hurt someone she’s come to love.

I have some snippets around here from the book, but here’s a taste of the first few chapters. ENJOY!  (Unedited copy)

EDIT: STNW is now available on Goodreads HERE.

I don’t have plans to do a big preorder or ARC push for this book but if you would like to read Same Time Next Week for review, drop me a line via the contact page or at dlwhite [at] thesweetescape [dot] net and let me know you’re interested!

Stay tuned for Goodreads links, teasers and all the fun stuff!

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