My Publishing To Do List [UPDATE]

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I originally posted this in January… updating with a little progress report of what is done and what is left to complete. Just a few items left and about a month until Ruby’s publishes!


via Steffl Rechiert/

via Steffl Rechiert/

Writers LOVE to do lists, don’t we? Handy little notes guiding our day, telling us what exciting task is next to complete.

Well, in THEORY, writers love to do lists. This writer tends to ignore lists until she is up against a deadline, and then in order to keep her brain inside of her head, needs a list just to make sure something isn’t forgotten.  Now seems to be that time.

So, after months (okay years) of ruminating and writing and editing and moaning and then cheering and then avoiding……. Brunch at Ruby’s will be hitting the virtual shelves this March, if all goes well. I will have an announcement closer to the drop date once I know things are actually underway. Still… exciting!

As you may have guessed, I decided not to query Ruby’s but to self publish it. I tested the process with Anonymous and I’ve been pleased at how much control I have. It’s slower and I am doing…..everything… but the control freak in me is all. over. that. noise.  Ruby’s is my first, it’s my baby and to be honest I am intimidated by the query/agenting process. I did send a previous draft out to a few agents and was quickly served with a ‘not even if this was the last book on earth’.

Okay, not really. The rejections were actually very polite and pleasant. But I guess I decided that I want Ruby’s out the way I want it and I don’t want to spend six months writing and rewriting a query. I just want the book out. I’m still editing, it’s still in BETA reads (I’m doing the Book Club Beta Test next month) and it will still be a quality publication. If things go well, I will try to query book two.

So… my list!

Ruby’s Publication To Do List

1. Finish edits and rewrites from previous beta sessions – in progress. I figure if I hunker down this weekend I can get through much of it, and take next week if necessary. Because I have a full time non-writing for a living job, it makes it hard to find time where I am fully awake and can concentrate. This means i do major work on the weekends.

2. Send book to Book Club Beta Group and eagerly await feedback.

3. Create and implement Marketing Plan – blog tours, announcements, blurb, front matter,  swag ideas.

4. Engage cover designer

5.  Complete final edit and run through

6. Prepare document for retail sites (kindle, smashwords, lulu) by 3/10

7. Upload document and cover to online sales site for pre-order, set on-sale date

8. Nap

This is a basic, Pollyanna, easy breezy list, however I do believe in Murphy’s Law, so… I will roll with the punches as they come.  I am excited to get started but first I need to finish these edits, so…. start the clock!

Did I leave something out? Drop me a comment and let me know! (Cause ya’ll know I have no clue)


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