Brunch at Ruby’s now available for order in PAPERBACK!

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lulu-logoWoo to the HOO! Man, this process, I’ll tell you what! It’ll be so much easier for my second book!

I chose to manage the paperback orders of Brunch at Ruby’s. They are a POD (Print On Demand) service and, like Smashwords, they have a distribution network that will put my  paperback on sale at online outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Exciting! While you still won’t see it in the physical bookstore, it will show up everywhere online which is…. SO EXCITING OH MY GOODNESS.

So I’ve ordered a print copy for myself, just to peruse and I told my mother I was ordering one for her. I want to look at it first, feel it in my hands, flip through the pages and giggle at MY WORDS IN PRINT HOLY HECK.

The pricing on the Print version is considerably higher than the eBook version due to this being a POD service and actually having to deliver a physical copy. The money doesn’t shake out for me to order  a ton of books and sell them myself. As it is, the book is highly discounted to make it affordable and after Lulu takes their cut, I’m making about a dollar per book. So, I’m not going to be a millionaire any time soon!

Oh I suppose you want the link then?  Click on that pretty little button below and go to town! Order early and OFTEN!

And THANK YOU! \o/ <– International sign of YAY. 

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