ARC Review: Crystal Caress by Zuri Day

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Crystal Caress Book Cover Crystal Caress
Drakes of California
Zuri Day
Romance, Black romance
Harlequin Kimani
June 16, 2015
224 pages

Passion is heating up those arctic Alaska nights!

It took nerve for Northern California socialite Teresa Drake to walk away from her family's famed wine empire. Flying off to Alaska is even riskier-especially when the budding journalist stumbles down a cavern while admiring the spectacular sights. But it's her gorgeous rescuer who makes Teresa truly reckless. The night she spends with mogul Atka Sinclair convinces her she's found her soul mate…until her charming lover becomes her worst enemy.

Atka has deep ties to his native land. So how can he trust the pampered beauty who just published a glowing article about the politician out to destroy his people's heritage? But as traitorous desire reignites, Atka realizes what he and Teresa share is too precious to lose. Will pride prevent him from building a future with the woman who could write them the most thrilling love story of all?

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. Opinions stated here are my own*

This novel was a pretty quick and steamy read about a journalist who is assigned to cover a story in picturesque Alaska. On her first night in town, she’s surprised to meet Atka, a native who is tall, dark and distractingly handsome. After a fall lands her in a ditch, it is Atka who comes to her rescue. The attraction between the couple is palpable and a one night stand is not only imminent but unavoidable.

However, the two can’t seem to stay away from each other and when business brings Atka to the states, the relationship blossoms. The undercurrent of this story is drama between a politician and Alaska’s largest Salmon fishery.

The beginning and ending of this story are superb. Around 50%, however, I started to drift. I was entirely more interested in the romance than I was with office politics with the owner of the paper Teresa works for and the inner workings of a politician trying to destroy the livelihood of that native people. The education and the description of pristine Alaska was nice, but the deeper the story got, the more I realized that I’m just not interested in that topic.

I picked back up around 75%, when Atka and Teresa are rolling hot and heavy and discussing and negotiating who would move where to keep the relationship going… and the drama between Atka’s family (namely his mother) and Teresa kept my fingers turning pages!

This is a great book if you’d love a quick read about the beauty and wilderness of Alaska and it’s native people. Also if you love some steamy sexy “lemme soak you up because we don’t have much time together” lovemaking! :)

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