#AMWriting Challenge: Days 10,11: My Published Works and My Coffee/Tea Pot

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Day Ten: What are your published works?

ANONYMOUS, A Short Story – published 12/31/2014, Available at Amazon.com 

Brunch at Ruby’s – published 03/24/2015, Available at Amazon and Lulu.com

Same Time Next Week- Goes live 7/14/2015, Available for PRE- order at Amazon.com 

All of my books are available to add to your TBR at GOODREADS


Day Eleven: Show us your Coffee/Tea Pot

I don’t have either. Crazy! I know. Tho I am leaning toward getting a Keurig. I had one, but a friend really wanted one and I wasn’t using it so I gave it away. I KNOW, RIGHT? So on Saturdays, I get up and go get Starbucks and some breakfast and come home and get back in the bed and commence to reading. And then I might do some writing or editing but my weekends always start with hot coffee and reading.

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