#AmWriting Challenge: Day 1-3- Where I Write, What I Write, What I Drink When I Write

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I JUST saw this on Tumblr and decided to jump on the bandwagon because I love these things. Not only do they promote daily writing but it always brings out things I don’t really think to tell people. I am going to be catching up, so please excuse the flurry of posts today!


Day 1: From where I write

Unlike many writers, I don’t have an office with a desk. I don’t claim a spot at Starbucks and sit for hours, sipping coffee, nibbling on iced lemon pound cake and typing into oblivion (though that sounds SO LOVELY). Most of what I have written has been penned sitting on my bed using a portable desk with HGTV on in the background and either Dave Matthews Band, the sound of rain or crackling fire in my ears.


When I have a self imposed deadline, I book a room ( big fan of Fairfield Inn and Residence Inn) and write all weekend from Friday after work until Sunday morning at check out. With this concentrated writing time, I can get in 2-3,000 words in per session, and I do several sessions a day with generous breaks.

Day 2: A page from my manuscript

You can actually see a sample of my newest WIP, The Never List HERE on my blog. These characters are becoming really fun to write and it’s a pleasure to share them with you!

Day 3: What I drink when I write

Mostly water, if you can believe it. A diet soda on occasion, sometimes a protein shake. As a weight loss surgery patient I am always thinking about protein and staying hydrated and a shake is a good way to keep away the munchies and keep my protein count up while writing. I am less likely to eat while I am writing (food makes me sleepy) so this aspect is important. If I drink anything else, I like diet citrus green tea from Lipton. It is refreshing and low in sugar.



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