A weekend in the Editing Suite

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I like how I named it something fancy like the Editing Suite instead of on my bed or at my kitchen table.

When I am not catching up on my reads for the week, I will be elbow deep in editing this weekend. I am planning to send out ARC copies of Brunch at Ruby’s next week (want one? watch this space Monday!)and I need to do a dip through and correct all the stuff I notice randomly or wake up at 3am and obsess about.

Some of the best advice I’ve heard from published authors is to read your work aloud. While I think that is stellar advice, I can tune myself out with the best of them and still trip over errors. The next best thing for me is to read along while someone else reads it aloud, because I am not used to that voice and I’ll be listening.

Do YOU know anyone that would sit for 9 hours and read a novel aloud to you? I didn’t think so. Enter my Editing Companion Voice Dream! People who have followed me for awhile know that I used vBookz for a long time to read books aloud. When I buy an eBook, I convert it to pdf usually so that if I want to put it on in the car, I am still ‘reading’. I ran across voice dream when I was looking for a better alternative. It was PRICY… I want to say it was $4.99? ish? I don’t remember…but it beats the PANTS off of vBookz!

First of all there are multiple voices in different dialects so you can have material read to you in a voice that sounds familiar to you. Or not, if you need to pay attention. Speed is variable and you can always tell where the text is being read from with a yellow bar:

image from voicedream.com

Not ONLY does it read PDF but it reads .epub and .doc as well. Writing a paper and want to know how it sounds? Load it up!

Among other perks I love, voice dream will pull from multiple places- iTunes, a web browser, Google Drive, your clip board and Gutenberg. Now you can pluck a classic from the public domain and have it read to you. FANCY! This app works on your tablet as well as your phone, so if you have things stored there it’s easy to pick them up and plug them into voicedream. I do want to note that it appears this app is only available for iOS, but I still thought it was useful enough to post about.

I’ve also started using Pocket to save interesting articles I see pop up on twitter/ Facebook/ Feedley that I don’t have time to read. Throw them into Pocket, then open Voice dream,  switch your reader to pocket and refresh. It’ll pull the latest data you’ve saved to pocket and then read the articles aloud to you. NEAT HUH!? It’s really helped me put down time and drive time to good use. I just don’t have hours to sit and read to keep up on what’s going on in my industry. I can read and write or I can flip through blogs trying to be the cool girl that knows everything.

Well, now I can be cool AND be a reader and a writer.

So, this weekend I will be listening to Ruby’s with the MS open and making changes as I come across them. I am hoping it won’t take longer than the weekend, as I have committed to sending out ARCs early next week!


What’s in your Writing/Editing Toolbox? Share something useful that makes your Writing Life easier!

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