[Review] Two Week Turnaround by Geneva Lee

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Two Week Turnaround Book Cover Two Week Turnaround
Geneva Lee
Mills & Boon
April 14, 2015

Give Sofia King two weeks and she can turn any strung out star’s career and life around. She’s got it all—the career, the shoes, the glamour—and her plans don’t include a man unless he comes with a guaranteed toe-curling orgasm. But when her father, head of Maxximum Studios, calls in a favor, she’s forced to take on the one bad boy she has no interest in reforming. Isaac Blue. With box-office bankability and a new woman in his bed every night, Isaac seems to have it all. Except happiness. So when his latest antics threaten to shut down a summer blockbuster and his producers decide to send in Sofia King, Isaac may have a shot at getting what he really wants. The one woman who got away. Sofia’s icy attitude about their past only makes him want to turn up the heat. And Isaac isn't about to say no to Sofia's proposed plan of action, especially if it gets her back in his bed. Sofia is sure a week with Isaac will get him out of her system and keep him in line until filming is over. But as on-set supervision becomes in-trailer flirtation, and wild sex turns into sensual lovemaking, Sofia might just be the one whose life is turning around...

I fancy myself a serious reader of literary fiction and a thoughtful reader of upmarket women’s fiction, but darn if I am not entranced by a fun, sexy romp such as this novel.

Former actress turned publicist turned Troubled Star Fixer gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to take on her father’s Bad Boy Lead Actor. Isaac Blue, fresh from a bar brawl and headed for tabloid hell, is The One That Got Away… an angle that Sofia King…err Fia Maxx will use to her advantage. Six years ago, Isaac just stopped calling. Now that they’re within feet of each other the attraction hasn’t waned a bit– and that’s exactly the situation Sofia needs to keep her leading man…er…. BUSY.

This is a novella so the timeline moves rather quickly, but it is chock full of steam and sass– just how I like my erotic romps. I like that these two have history and there’s so much residual attraction that they just can’t help themselves. It helps me not have that Insta Love feeling that I despise. One needs longer than two weeks to fall in love with a person.

I did love the twist in this story and I’m ever so happy with the ending. A quick, sexy read!

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