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The Right Kind of Trouble Book Cover The Right Kind of Trouble
Christina C Jones
Romance, African American Romance
June 17, 2015

At just twenty years old, Lauren Bailey is organized, responsible, and hyper-driven toward her goal of graduating college so she can provide a good life for her daughter, four year old Harper. Between school, work, and being the best long-distance mom she can be, there’s one thing she definitely doesn’t have time for: Trouble.
Trouble, meaning men.
She’s watched her older sister go through a Lifetime movie’s worth of drama involving the opposite sex, and she’s not interested in that level of distraction.
Until Ty.
Smart, sexy, and successfully navigating the line between responsible and fun, Ty opens Lauren’s mind to a world beyond the strict walls she’s built. But stepping out sometimes means losing control, and straight-laced Lauren may not be ready for that.
Ex-lovers, meddling mothers, and new experiences collide as Lauren takes a journey to figure out if there’s any such thing as the “right” kind of trouble.

CCJ has very quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her easygoing style doesn’t hinder her ability to breathe life into three dimensional characters and realistic situations. What I’ve always loved about Christina’s books is that I feel like they could be you or me or the gal next door. I can relate and commiserate and there is always a happy ending for a person that looks like me.

I was impressed with the character of Lauren. In some ways she is extremely mature and responsible… has to be, to be 20 years old with a four year old and just about to graduate college. It takes a strong person with a level head to remain friends with her child’s father– because that is what is best for that child– and to know that said child is in good hands with her grandparents while she keeps her life on track to provide a good life for Harper.

Lauren wasn’t counting on meeting older, handsome, sexy “Ty who has his stuff together”. I feel like she did everything to put him off, but to his credit he stood his ground and acted like the mature, responsible man he presented himself to be. Ty was not without his issues, with an ex who wouldn’t let go of a broken engagement and a mother who vies for attention at every turn… just graduating from his PhD program was enough stress. Pile on meeting a new woman who has her own thing going on just throws another cog in the wheel.

I love a character that I can hate and there are a few in this story. Ty’s mom, Mehki’s mom, Jamila… can ALL walk off a cliff. Ion’t eem curr how mean that sounds! LOL… We know good and well that there are some women who’ve got some CATTY up in ’em. I love reading a book where I am sucking my teeth, frowning, talking to the pages as I turn. And Mehki, frankly, was just all kinds of WRONG all the way through. I loved every second of it.

I had the pleasure of reading this novel ahead of publication and when I tell ya’ll that CCJ puts her FOOT in some books, I’m not lying. If you love black romance with a realistic tip, getchu some Christina C Jones. Her backlist is chock full of good reads.

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