[Review] SATED by Rebekah Weatherspoon

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FIT Trilogy
Rebekah Weatherspoon
Erotic Romance
April 27, 2015

All Keira Kenney wants is her happy ending. Too bad she can never make it through a first date. Is a nice man who’s into fitness and comics, with an extensive knowledge of everything science-fiction too much to ask for? Apparently, since Keira can’t seem to find a partner who can simply tolerate her interests. Perhaps it’s time for her to give up. She has her job at Melrose Fitness, a new season of her favorite space drama added to streaming, and hundreds of thousands of words worth of fan fiction all to keep her mind busy. Her heart will have to wait.

Pyrotechnics expert, Daniel Song isn’t looking for anything. He spends his days doing what he loves, and his nights and weekends participating in the kinky activities his body craves. Single life as a sexual switch suits him perfectly, giving him the freedom to indulge in the types of erotic adventures some people only dream of.

When a good friend asks Daniel if his co-worker, Keira can join him at a local sci-fi convention, neither of them expect any sort of fireworks to spark. After all, Keira’s turned off by kink and Daniel can’t live without with it. So naturally they both agree that an official first date would be a great idea. With this new relationship fresh between them, Daniel shares what he can of himself without scaring Keira off, hiding his shock and growing infatuation as she rises to every sexual occasion with her silly, geek-girl personality. It’s only a matter of time before they both have to face the truth; what he wants is the furthest thing from what she needs. But in the meantime, pushing each other’s sexual limits seems like a good plan. It’s like not either of them is looking for love.

Okay, couple things. First off I have been WAITINGGGG for this book for a long time and I’m SO HAPPY Sated is here. It is everything I wanted, even though I was a little scared cause Rebekah was talking about fisting on twitter and uh…. Like Keira, ya girl is not that kinky.

What I liked– Keira is so geeky it’s awesome! Totally into the online world and fanfiction and serialized other worldly dramas… and she is unashamed. Not only that she’s smart and hot. I’m loving authors that bring brilliance to beauty and prove that women don’t have to be pigeon-holed into one description– we can be hot AND smart. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

Also, Daniel seems like an incredible sweetheart. I’ve had a… thing… for Asian men for quite awhile so I just let the music of my imagination play with Daniel. He’s wide open, with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude, which I loved. Following an accident in which he lost his hand, Daniel had to recreate himself and did so with the help of his ‘family’ from the sex club where he’s a member. Now he’s got that quiet confidence that I love. Not a Alpha, not a cocky asshole, just self assured and doesn’t need to prove himself. **GRRRRRRR***

There are so many parts of this book, where experienced Daniel is teaching newbie-to-BDSM Keira what the world is about, where I’m like YES THIS IS WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. I’m not a huge fan of BDSM but when I do read it, I have to read authors that get that it is more about trust and enjoyment than about power and control. Relinquishing your pleasure to someone else gives you ultimate control.

What I didn’t like? NOT MUCH. I mean, it was short. *pout* I was actually a little sad when it was over, I wanted much more of Daniel and Keira.

I guess I also had an issue with how smart but how not smart Keira was. Daniel had a life before she walked into it and she knew that he was a member of the sex club with Grant and Armando. She knew enough to research edging, topping, bottoming, what accouterments to buy for their nerdy TV marathon but wasn’t wise enough to know that once she got inside that club, she was going to come face to face with Daniel’s other life? I felt the anger was contrived for a dramatic turn in the story. I guess I just didn’t see what was there to be upset about, not enough to break up.

And then everything was magically better after talking with Mistress Evelyn, a conversation that we heard about but didn’t experience. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when they spoke when Keira made her official turn from Vanilla-to- slightly off-white.

And insert my usual rant about InstaLove. Six weeks? Really? I mean, I guess it’s romance and fantasy so whatever but… love stories don’t always have to jump from nice to meet you to let’s get married. There’s no romance or magic in such a fast fall. But ya’ll know me, I like a slow burn.

Was Sated worth the wait? YESSSS. I seriously SERIOUSLY would like more Daniel and Keira. In all of Weatherspoon’s heroines, I find a little of myself. A great, sexy, slightly twisted, corrupting read.

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