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Nothing Between Us Book Cover Nothing Between Us
Loving On the Edge (#6)
Roni Loren
Fiction, Erotic Romance
Berkley Trade
January 6, 2015

From the New York Times bestselling author of Need You Tonight comes a steamy Loving on the Edge novel that proves watching is only half the fun…

Unlike the heroine of her popular thriller series, Georgia Delaune can’t afford to take risks or push sexual boundaries—unless you count spying through her neighbor’s bedroom window, and never missing a single move he makes.

Colby Wilkes is more than willing to put on a show for the alluring woman next door. But his dominant side aches to show her the pleasures of submission up close. As a counselor, Colby is sensitive to Georgia’s fears. As a Dom at The Ranch, a private BDSM retreat, he’s the perfect teacher to unleash her passion.

But just as Georgia lowers her emotional barriers, an unexpected complication arrives: a bad boy musician from Colby’s past who adds fuel to her heated imagination. Now, the lonely author has two gorgeous men eager to fulfill every fantasy she’s ever written—and one she’s never dared to dream

So the phrase “Braaaiiinnnnssss” is never going to mean the same, after reading this book.

If I am going to stay up late reading a book, knowing I am going to hate myself in the morning, it’s gotta be a good one. And a Roni Loren book– a highly anticipated book is always a good choice. Nothing Between Us is the latest installment in the Loving on the Edge series, and though I am not a series reader per se, I love. love. LOVE these characters!

Once again, we are introduced to the major players, so real that they rise up off of the page. I feel like Georgia could be my next door neighbor. There are no fancy, rich people with nothing better to do than scheme against each other– Roni’s characters are plucked from real life and placed in situations that are realistic.

Georgia DeLaune is an Agoraphobic, stuck in her house, in hiding from someone who wants to hurt her. What was once a vibrant, spunky and outgoing woman has been reduced to someone who watches her neighbor in his sexual trysts from a darkened bedroom window with a pair of binoculars.

Colby Wilkes miiiight be my new favorite. That is, until Pike’s book comes out. *shrug* Can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a rock star! Colby is a hunk of a man with a heart of gold. He has what we call ‘Captain Save-A-Ho’ complex, where he just feels the need to rescue people from everything all the time. He’s a counselor at an alternative high school, so he gets to put this skill into practice on a daily basis. In his other, less visible life, he’s a Dom and a trainer at the Ranch that we’ve all come to know and love.

Colby is haunted by a former student, the disappearance of which put Colby in a questionable light and forced him to leave his previous school. When this student suddenly reappears, needing Colby’s rescue more than ever, he can’t help but offer… wait, no… demand that Adam Keats accept his help.

Adam Keats is a young man, still deep in the throes of discovering himself. What he thought he knew about his love life and sexuality is completely thrown out the window when he discovers he’s not only attracted to his neighbor… but his friend Colby as well.

While we do get a visit from an old friend or two, Nothing Between Us is almost strictly new characters. As well, there are not one but two new recruits to The Lifestyle, so there’s a lot of experimentation and learning. As usual, my eyes gloss over when it comes to kinky sex, which is why it’s great that there are also compelling story lines to follow with Colby, who’s on the verge of being fired because a student attempted suicide under his watch; Keats, presumed dead and hasn’t seen his family in years; and Georgia, in hiding from a dangerous and manipulative man that she is set to testify against in just a few months.

Roni said often that Nothing Between Us is a long book… I tell you, I didn’t even feel it. The stories were really well rounded with a believeable arc and a satisfying, happy ending.

Another hit from Roni Loren and I am already pacing waiting for Call On Me, Pike’s book! There’s a great excerpt at the end of Nothing Between Us. I can hardly wait!

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