[Review] Love And Other Things by Christina C. Jones

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Love And Other Things Book Cover Love And Other Things
Christina C. Jones
December 18, 2013

Third Time's a Charm- Tara is a 30-something professional. She's successful at nearly everything she does, except when it comes to love. When she meets Chris, right after her latest love disaster, she steps out on faith. Can she put aside her past experiences to give herself a real chance at happiness?

Where I Want to Be - Val has always been perfectly happy to bounce from guy to guy, taking what she needs and moving on. She hates the idea of love, and will do anything she can to get away from it.But is that what she really wants?

Do-Over - Kristin is happily married to the love of her life. But when unexpected events challenge everything she believed about her relationship, will she still be able to believe in love?
Love & Other things is a novel about second chances at finding love.

So, I’m a quirky reader, aight? Ya’ll know this. I like books that are set in the US because I am an ethnocentric a-hole. I like historical fiction, but not set in wartime (usually) and not set abroad. And I like novels. Big, long, full length novels. I don’t want to have an affair with a short story, a tryst with a novella. I want a long relationship with a book.

So when I come upon a collection of stories, my first mind is nah. NAH. Because… I can’t have a relationship with a character for 50 pages, and then switch to some other character like those fast tail short story readers I know. *judgy face*

This book though? This book right here ya’ll? THIS BOOK RIGHT HERE is a collection of stories done right. It is, in actuality, three novellas, each telling their own story but all are wrapped up together. Brill. BRILL, I SAY!

Story One is Tara and Chris. Tara…….really sucks at choosing men. Her last two are the antithesis of #WINNING. So when she meets FBI agent Chris, she is extremely leery of making a bad choice. But Chris is a fine, upstanding and patient young man who shows Tara that maybe her run of bad luck with men is over.

Story Two (my fave of the three) is Val and Devon. They’re Cut Buddies that used to be a couple and they just cannot let it go. While both of them try to move on, the attraction is still strong and, eventually, they both need to make moves toward what makes them happy. I really enjoyed this story, especially Devon giving his current girlfriend the boot she so richly deserves.

Story Three is Kristen and Jackson. I didn’t enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed the first two, however there were still plenty of jaw dropping moments. Kristin and Ahmed have been married for 15 years and the relationship is falling apart. When Kristin comes face to face with Ahmed’s secret life, she’s not even all that sad… because she’s got something– someone— to look forward to.

I may be biased, since I enjoy all of Christina’s work, but an author that gets me to read short stories is a darn good author. I forced myself to read Twelve Tribes of Hattie (because Auntie Oprah said to!), which is also a short story collection where the stories are intertwined. Maybe it was the length of this book, maybe it was the subject matter or the author or that I have……..grown……since Twelve Tribes, but I enjoyed this novel and I’m still working my way through Christina’s backlist.

Pick this one up if you like funny, romantic, sexy reads featuring black characters.

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