[Review] Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Huntress #2)

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Blood Moon Book Cover Blood Moon
Alexandra Sokoloff
Thomas & Mercer
January 1, 2015

Twenty-five years have passed since a savage killer terrorized California, massacring three ordinary families before disappearing without a trace. The only surviving victim of his rampage was a child…who is now wanted by the FBI for brutal crimes of her own.

Special Agent Matthew Roarke is on an interstate manhunt to track her down, despite feeling torn between his dedication to duty and his sympathy for her horrific history and motives. But when Roarke’s search unearths evidence of new family slayings, the dangerous woman he seeks—and secretly wants—may be his only hope of preventing another bloodbath. He just has to find her first.

I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

Blood Moon is Book Two in the Huntress Series from Alexandra Sokoloff. The first book, Huntress Moon, introduced us to Cara Lindstrom, who was the sole survivor of a brutal attack on her family by a subject only known as ‘The Reaper’. Cara has become a vigilante of sorts, killing rapists, drug dealers, thieves… peope who ‘need killing’. In book one, FBI agent Matthew Roarke had been tracking her and, while he sympathized with her mission, wanted her behind bars.

Unfortunately, Cara is wily, used to sneaking around under cover of darkness and is a master of disguises. Book two brings more cat-and-mouse chasing between Roarke and Cara, and the realization that the Reaper, once believed to be dead, had returned and was killing again. With just a few days before the next full moon (or Blood Moon), Roarke again has a limited amount of time to catch a killer– and in the process, hope to capture his vigilante, Cara who would be after the Reaper as well.

This book seemed much slower paced than the previous book. The point of view was largely from Roarke, while The Huntress was more evenly divided between Roarke and Cara. I would have enjoyed a lot more insight into Cara’s state of mind and reasoning behind her life’s work– ridding the world of men who prey on children. The reveal that The Reaper was still at work shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it snuck up on me. I was entirely more focused on the FBI trying to track and trace Cara.

While this book moved more slowly than the previous and I was slightly less interested in the story line, once i got around 30% in, the reading went quickly and I was engrossed in the story.

I won’t go into the resolution of the multiple cases discussed in the book because it’s spoilery, but there is a pretty good ending… until you get to the sneak peek of Book Three, Cold Moon, and you hit the cliffhanger.

Now I have to read the next book!

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