Review- This Tender Melody by Kianna Alexander

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This Tender Melody Book Cover This Tender Melody
The Gentlemen of Queen City
Kianna Alexander
Harlequin Kimani
September 15, 2015
224 pages

Rivals—in perfect harmony…

The only thing standing between Eve Franklin and her dream is over six feet of pure, arrogant alpha male. Eve has spent years preparing to take the reins of her family's software business. Now that her father is stepping down, he's putting someone else in charge—a gorgeous tech magnate who's not content with just taking Eve's place in the boardroom. He plans to woo her into his bedroom, as well!

Software genius, talented musician and independently wealthy at thirty-six—Darius Winstead has always known how to get what he wants. And he wants Eve. But she is a challenge unlike any other. She's sophisticated, smart and not the least bit intimidated by his success. So Darius starts to reveal all aspects of his life and invites Eve to see the man behind the millionaire. Will it be enough to make Eve listen to her heart and trust her former enemy?

Ever since I discovered the Kimani imprint at Harlequin Romance a few years ago, I have delighted in finding talented black authors writing OUR love stories. I found Farrah Rochon there and now that I have read Kianna Alexander, I have another author to stalk. Errr. Follow.

This was SUCH a great read. I was really looking forward to it, from the moment that Kianna announced that this book would be her Kimani debut. From front cover (I mean, GIRL, look at it! If Kimani does ANYTHING right, it’s that they take such great care with their covers) to back, this book was engaging, easy to read and entertaining.

The heroine, Eve is so relatable. As the daughter of the owner/CEO of a software design firm, she’s worked her entire life for the position that’s being virtually given away to Darius Winstead. On sight, he is handsome and so sexy… but since he’s trying to take her job, he’s the enemy.  He doesn’t even look old enough to be a CEO and her father has brought him in to run the company instead of her?  And though there is that animal magnetism between them, attraction be damned! 

Darius was enjoying early retirement,  independent wealth from the sale of his technology firm and his weekly gig with his Jazz band, The Gents. When his mentor asks him a small favor- step in as CEO of his software firm until his daughter, Eve, is able to take the reins- he only agrees  because of their relationship. But once he’s on board and he meets the gorgeous, captivating Eve Franklin, Darius has quite another goal in mind.

First, he needs to chip through her icy exterior. They need to be able to work together, to run the company in tandem until Eve has garnered enough experience that her father feels comfortable with her at the helm.

And then he intends to woo her.

And woo her he does! With live music, light, simple romance and proving that he IS who he says he is, especially when it matters. This is my favorite kind of love story! Easy, simple, romantic.. a fast fall but not too fast  and a man that knows how to go get what he wants. 

I truly enjoyed this story of two headstrong alpha characters finding out where each of them fit together and making it work. And since this appears to be a series, I am already looking forward to the Gents book two!

As I mentioned, this novel is Kianna’s Kimani debut, so I hope readers of black romance will snap it up! Add this book to your Goodreads TBR HERE or grab the book in paperback or eBook format at Amazon or

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