Review: This is True Love by Jamie Wesley

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This is True Love Book Cover This is True Love
Jamie Wesley
Romance, Contemporary
CrushStar Multimedia
July 13, 2015

EXCLUSIVE! Which movie star is moving on with her ex’s BFF?

Hollywood A-lister Felicity Chambers has managed to walk away with her cheating husband’s share of their production company in their highly publicized divorce, sources close to the situation tell us. Even more scandalous? Their business partner, Alex Graham, knew nothing about it until the papers were signed, sealed, and delivered. After coming oh-so-close to acquiring the shares he was promised, Alex is not happy about the change in plans.

Although she denies it to anyone who’ll listen, those in the know say that lately Fliss has been noticing more than Alex’s business acumen. Like his broad shoulders and sexy smile get the picture.

The truly shocking part? The feeling may be mutual. Very mutual.

Not that Alex intends to admit it. Ever. Even if it kills him. He’s set on convincing Fliss to sell her stake to him and then staying far, far away from the alluring star. A solid plan...except our sources tell us he needs her help in securing a business deal. So who’s going to come out on top in this battle of business smarts and hearts? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out!

A fun, quick read set in the glitz and glam of Hollywood, where dreams have come true for A List actress Felicity “Fliss” Chambers and action movie producer Alex Graham. Fliss is bouncing back from a divorce- her cheating husband granted her his shares in Crescendo, the production company he runs with Alex.

This makes Fliss and Alex business partners. This makes Alex uncomfortable and angry. Not only did he want to build the business himself, prove to himself that he could do it, he’s been in love with Fliss since the moment he met her, even though she’s been married to his best friend.. He’s determined to get her to sell her half of the company– but not until after she helps him land the deal of a lifetime.

In between roping music mogul Philip Mansfield to sell production rights to his wife’s biopic, Fliss and Alex can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. But each time they give in to each other, Alex pulls away.

There are only so many times Fliss is going to be rejected. When she reaches her limit, it takes someone with an enormous amount of power to bring them together again.

Once I settled in with this book, it was quick read… pages turned easily and the story, though it dragged in a few places, flowed well. The first few chapters were a bit awkward but the writing got better the further I read. I felt as if there was a lot of explaining of feelings, a lot of backstory, a lot of focus on how hot Felicity is, how much Alex secretly wanted her.. And so. many. references to her whiskey eyes.

Nevertheless, Wesley is skilled at putting together an engaging story that makes you laugh and gives you that warm, happily ever after feeling.

About the Author

Jamie Wesley has been reading romance novels since she was about 12 when her mother left a romance novel, which a friend had given her, on the nightstand. Jamie read it instead, and the rest is history.

She started her first manuscript, a contemporary romance, after she graduated from Northwestern University in 2002 and couldn’t find a job. Life got in the way as it often does, i.e. she found a job, and she didn’t finish the story. However, she never forgot about it and finally got serious about completing it in 2009. And then she finished a few more stories. In 2012, her manuscript, TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD, was named a finalist in RWA’s Golden Heart competition and was published by Entangled Publishing in 2014.

Jamie holds a master’s degree in sport management (yes, that’s a real thing :-) ) from the University of Texas at Austin, so it probably comes as no surprise that she loves sports and spends an inordinate amount of time rooting for her hometown Dallas’s pro sports teams and her alma maters.

She also adores Walt Disney World, shopping, and pop culture. Want to know if your favorite TV show is going to be canceled or what the newest Disney attraction is? Ask Jamie. She’ll probably know the answer.


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