{Review} The Undoing of Langston Black by Tasha L. Harrison

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The Undoing of Langston Black Book Cover The Undoing of Langston Black
Tasha L. Harrison
DirtyScribbler Press
November 27, 2010

When Langston thinks of it now, it's hard to separate the truth from the lies. All he sees is her. He feels her go limp and soft under his hand. He sees her pretty eyes close slowly. He feels her give in. She was everything he ever wanted. Everything he ever imagined. He still doesn't know how it went so wrong."

We meet Langston in the interrogation room of a Philadelphia Police Station. Handcuffed to a table. Charged with a serious crime. All because of a beautiful girl named Sonrisa. Sonrisa whose name means smile, though she rarely ever does. Sonrisa, a girl who would be his undoing.

A short read but as usual, Harrison gives me everything I need within the text– compelling, deep characters with rich backstories that don’t pop out in chapter one; sort of a mystery to unravel; and beautifully deep yet simple prose that always makes me examine my own work to see if I go far enough to put my character’s emotions on display.

Sonrisa is one of those characters I love, brave and bold but also delicate and flawed. She doesn’t spill her secrets to Langston and lets him find them on her own. When he does, he’s disappointed but he’s already in love, captivated by the mysterious girl whose name means smile but who never does.

Langston’s “hero” gene seems to get him in trouble and certainly Sonrisa seems to be more trouble than she’s worth but he can’t ignore a problem… and the way this problem is resolved is… very slightly unbelievable but then again, given his history, not so unbelievable. Sonrisa probably had no way of knowing what he had endured in the past for his mother, but she must have also known that Langston loved her and would give his life to protect her.

A really great,  but short read. I could stand a much longer version of this sort of noir tale.  Thanks to the author for pointing out its existence!

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