Review- Save Me If You Can (If You Can Book 3) by Christina C. Jones

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Save Me if You Can Book Cover Save Me if You Can
If You Can
Christina C Jones
Romantic Suspense
October 2, 2015

Deception and betrayal always carry a price, and sooner or later, someone has to pay.
For a long time, Terry King and Damien Wolfe have dodged those debts while the people around them paid – in loneliness, grief, constant fear, and the loss of innocent lives.
But no more.
It’s time to settle up, and though the difference between victim and villain isn’t always clear, this familiar band of hackers, spies, and federal agents are holding nothing back. In this final installment of the “If You Can” series, questions are answered, hidden motives are revealed, secrets are brought to light, and this dangerous adventure comes to a conclusion.
Partnerships ruined by betrayal.
Lovers tested by secrets.
Families broken by lies.
With everything around them in shambles, which relationships will endure?
And when the story comes full circle… who will come out alive?

Ya’ll. Ya’ll! First, I want to just tell my readers to go get this ENTIRE series (it’s on Kindle Unlimited, so gon’ and get all three of them) and PUT THEM IN YOUR FACE.  Romantic suspense, a sexy thriller, African American characters? Yeah, do yourself a favor and get right on it.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way.

I am so glad this book is out and I can stop wondering and obsessing about Naomi, Noelle, Damion, Terry, Savi and the whole crew. This book is the final installment in the ‘If You Can’ series… an overarching story over three FANTASTICALLY suspenseful and sexy books.

CCJ put her FOOT in this one. Not only are all of our questions from previous books answered (what really happened to Noelle? Is she alive or what and will Naomi ever see her? Does Damian get what he deserves? Where is Taylor and will Renata get her back? Will Terry King get what’s due him? And uhh Agent Barnes…what up with dude? HUH?) but we get the full gamut of emotional stories from each character, plus some additional #newfolks, like Harrison and Kennedy to round out the motley crew.

I recognize the hard work that it took to keep these lines together and Christina navigated them beautifully. This is a fabulous novel… though NOT standalone so you do need to read the first two before beginning this one. It won’t be a hardship at ALL. The first two are just as good!


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