Review: Autumn Kisses (Four Seasons of Love Book Three)

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Autumn Kisses Book Cover Autumn Kisses
Four Seasons of Love
Te Russ
September 23, 2015

When Rowan Hunter begins to suffer from a bout of the proverbial writer's block, his editor offers up his beach cottage in Martha's Vineyard. Prepared to relax, unwind and pray that the words begin to flow again, he gets an unexpected surprise one evening.

To the world she is known as the eccentric jazz singer Sapphire Woods. But to the small town of Oak Bluffs Massachusetts on The Vineyard, she is simply Laurel Asher, their best kept secret. In need of some time out of the spotlight to work on her next album, Laurel goes to the one place that's always been home.

Thanks to a misunderstanding Laurel and Rowan end up under the same roof. As the house has more than enough room, they decide to share the place. But what neither of them expects is the sensual attraction that begins to build up.

As the color of the leaves begin to change and fall to the ground, these two find themselves falling as well–for each other.

Autumn Kisses is book three in the Four Seasons of Love series from Author Te Russ. The previous titles– all stand alone novels– were A Spring Affair and Sultry Southern Nights. I’m really enjoying this series of short but sweet love stories from Te, not only because it guarantees that I get four new books from her this year (wink wink) but because it also guarantees that I get a lovely story that is void of unnecessary drama and a storyline that doesn’t drag.

This story is also close to my heart because the hero, Rowan, is a writer, deep in the throes of writer’s block. I know the feeling and fortunately he has an editor with a kind heart and a home on Martha’s Vineyard. UNfortunately, his editor’s niece, Laurel “Sapphire Woods” Asher has access to the house and decides to schedule a little get away while Rowan is there.

The two decide to share the house and the attraction between them is immediate and electric. While Laurel enjoys a break from her very public life as a jazz singer, Rowan has begun writing again, citing his new roomie as his muse.

Here’s where things always get a little iffy for this reader. This is a romance, so of course the two fall in love……. just uber quickly and within a month’s time. Before the season is over there is major movement in the relationship and … well. I have a really hard time with insta love. In this case, the fall is very romantic and sweet. I didn’t *hate* reading it but it did drag the stars down for me, just a tad.

An underlying story in this novel is the issue of Laurel’s privacy and the ‘wanna be a star’ talk show host who’s digging into her past, set to expose Laurel- or Sapphire– to the world. This plot line is a real page turner and I thought the outcome was FABULOUS and most appropriate. It actually kind of made me laugh.

Autumn Kisses is just the kind of short-yet- delightful read that I have come to expect from Te Russ. On to the next one! Winter Rendezvous is coming in December!

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