Review: A Most Precious Pearl

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A Most Precious Pearl Book Cover A Most Precious Pearl
Migrations of The Heart
Piper Huguley
Samhain Publishing
September 8, 2015

They’re cut from different cloths...but their hearts are a perfect fit. Migrations of the Heart, Book 2 Asa Caldwell returned from the Great War with nothing to show for it—as in nothing below his left knee. Forget about the journalism career he loved. His story is over. Done. Yet he finds the strength to journey to Winslow, Georgia, to get Ruby Bledsoe Morson’s sister out of trouble. Before he can bring Mags Bledsoe home, though, a spate of mysterious attacks reawakens his investigative instincts. During the war, Mags did her duty to God and country by stepping into a management role at the textile mill. Now she’s been shuffled back to the rank and file—and Asa has her hard-earned job. Not only is the infernal man doing everything wrong, her plan for revenge against the mill owner who lynched her childhood sweetheart is farther out of reach than ever. As they clash over almost everything, Mags begins to set fire to Asa’s soul, bright enough to dim the memory of the killing fields of France. Enough to give him a new mission in life—to make her feel the same way. Warning: Contains a wounded warrior who’s done with fighting...and one feisty woman who makes him snap to attention.

It’s ridiculous how long it took me to read and review this book given the short length and my extreme interest in this author and this series. Let’s hope my distractions can be kept at bay!

A Most Precious Pearl takes us back to Winslow, Georgia, where Mags has been working in the local mill, earning $5 a week to help her family. Like Ruby, Mags is a spitfire, misses and loves her Uncle Arlo and her now-dead fiancee, both who died in lynchings for speaking their minds.

Winslow Newcomer Asa Thomas arrives to take Mags’ job, seeing as how he is a man, but taking the job is a cover for his real mission: He’s been sent by Ruby to a) deliver Mags to her, as she is pregnant and in need of help and b) write about the injustices that are going on in Winslow and report back for the newly formed NAACP.

Asa has some demons of his own, namely a missing leg lost in the war, not through valor but simply because a white man didn’t like him asking questions. When he lost the love of his life via an influenza outbreak, Asa is sure his life is over, not worth living. Until Ruby challenges him to get up and get on with his life.

I loved reading about Margaret and her journey from a determined, stubborn girl to a courageous woman in love. I was specifically tickled by her anger and jealous that Asa had  been engaged to a white, french woman. As a dark skinned black American, she supposed that Asa would never deem her worthy. While nothing could be further from the truth, Asa’s missing leg made him feel like he could never be a whole man to Mags. *Cue the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING!*

Simply put, I enjoyed this novel SO MUCH! Ruby is still my heart but snappy, able bodied, ‘let’s whip this thing into shape’ Mags (Pearl) is a loveable character in a family full of young women who each have a purpose and a duty. I REALLY can’t wait to see what Piper Huguley has in store for the rest of the Bledsoe Jewels.

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