What is an ARC? And how can I get one?

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ARC’s are Advanced Reader Copies. They are uncorrected galleys of a manuscript. Typically very limited ARCs are made available as they are normally sent out to professional book reviewers / bloggers so that these reviewers  can read the book and post a review prior to the actual release. This gives a book visibility before it goes on sale… creates a buzz, if you will.

TODAY I will be offering up digital ARCs of Brunch at Ruby’s for the purpose of reading and, if you would like, offering a review at the outlet of your choice (Goodreads, your own website, Facebook, etc. Typically sites like Amazon don’t let you review an item before it has been released.

I need to stress here that the review is requested, not required, but should you choose to offer a review, make sure it is honest. The #1 thing that gets me to read a book is word of mouth. If  a trusted friend reads a book and liked it, I’m probably going to add it to my TBR. I also request (but not demand) that if you are reading the book for me, that you add it to your To Be Read list on Goodreads, BookLikes, LibraryThing, Shelfari… whatever you’re using to track books. Just to let people know you’re reading it and it will soon be available.  Once you’ve finished it, make sure you mark it complete and add a review if you choose to!

Those that receive ARCs do so with the understanding that these are pre-publication galleys. You may see typographical errors and formatting issues, which will all be perfected (we hope) before the final copy is uploaded to the sales sites. Don’t worry about pointing out errors. Focus on the story, the characters, the book overall.

I also want to mention that ARCs are FREE. They are handed out to help create chatter about the book.

Thanks in advance for your help in getting the word out about Ruby’s and I hope you enjoy the book!

Interested in an ARC?

I’m handling everything via email, that way I make sure to get everyone. Please hop on down and fill in your contact information. Make sure you note in the comment field that you’d like to be added to the ARC list!

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