T-Minus ONE DAY to publication!

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Tomorrow (3.24.2015) is Pub Day for Brunch at Ruby’s. I am excited but I feel more like that bride that has been planning her wedding for a year and a half or a mom that has been pregnant for, like, 17 months. I’m just ready to get this show on the road, to not have to tell people it’s in pre-sale and they have to wait X number of days before they can buy it. While a lot of people have already read it, I am hoping to engage and meet new readers, people who’ve not read my writing.

And by hoping to engage and meet new readers, I mean that I am SCARED OUT OF MY MIND of new readers. I want people to be impressed and entertained. Over the last couple of days I’ve had a lot of second thoughts about scenes I cut and things I left in, and ‘why did I have it go that way instead of this way?’ Demons. Circling.

I’m shooing them away with a broomstick as we speak. This is an exciting momentous week. Not only is my book coming out tomorrow, but (and I keep FORGETTING THIS) but my 41st birthday is WEDNESDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HERE’S A BOOK.

Need info on where to buy Ruby’s? Visit the BOOKS link on the navigation bar uptop ^^^ or the widget over there on the side bar >>>>. More links than you can shake a stick at!

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