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One of the fun things about being a self published author is being able to decide, on a whim, to change something or put something on sale. I decided to do it and so I have… my books will be on sale all week through December 4, 2015. Sale prices will be as follows:


Anonymous Anonymous, An Erotic Short

This was my ‘can I write something and publish it??’ test. It features Jacob Cutter, an overworked Tech CEO in Miami for some R&R and in search of someone soft to spend the evening with. When he meets her, the night turns into a game of cat and mouse, but which of them is the real winner?

Price: FREE (starting Sunday Nov 29)

Available exclusively at Amazon



Same Time Next Week2 Same Time Next Week

Features Jackson, a has-been popstar in search of something to inspire him and Shelby, an insomniac on the run. The two bump into each other–literally– at the grocery store and sparks fly. Every attempt to get to know this beautiful, mysterious woman is rebuffed; Shelby is cagey, full of secrets that can’t be pried from her. Jackson can’t risk another relationship where he gives more than he gets… but Thursdays have become a habit that his body can’t do without.
Eight seconds turns Shelby’s life on end, luring an old enemy from the shadows. Jackson is poised to learn more than she ever wanted him to know about the woman she used to be. And this time, her mistakes could hurt someone she’s come to love.

Price: 99cents (down from $1.99!)

Buy Links:

Amazon  Nook Kobo iBooks

Lulu (paperback)



Rubys_Front_only Brunch at Ruby’s

My debut tells the story of the lifelong friendship of Debra, Maxine and Renee who live and love in Atlanta. Debra’s marriage is falling apart and she’s on the verge of losing her job due to a workplace indescretion.  Maxine’s real estate firm is struggling and despite being a modern woman with a lot to offer, she can’t seem to get the attention of an eligible bachelor. Renee is at her wit’s end with her father’s chronic illness and trying to keep a small neighborhood bookstore afloat. At the center of this story is Ruby’s, the neighborhood hotspot where the three women meet monthly to do what girlfriends do: eat, drink and give unsolicited advice on life and love.

Brunch at Ruby’s is a funny, inspiring, soulful look into a lifelong friendship where bonds are bent, but never broken.

Price: 99cents (down from $1.99!)

Buy Links:

Available at Amazon and in paperback at Lulu.com


If you haven’t had the chance to pick up my books, I hope you’ll take advantage of the sale. And if you like them, please drop by your favorite review space and drop a few lines. Reviews help authors immensely, but they also help readers decide what books to read… word of mouth works, so work that mouth! 

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