And we’re live… Same Time Next Week is HERE!

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WHEWWWWWW! I have survived another book launch. YAHOO! Same Time Next Week hit kindles/nooks/idevices/kobo readers, etc at MIDNIGHT for anyone who pre-ordered this title. I. AM. EXCITED. that it is here. This  was my first NaNoWriMo project and I am uber proud of it. Check out the buy links below and pick it up! I will have a link to the paperback edition hopefully today… I want to look at the proof before I let the sales link fly.

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How about an excerpt?

They drank their wine, sip after sweet sip and shared the chocolate torte, bite after sweet bite and talked while slow jams crooned in the background. Leisurely and relaxed, exactly as Shelby had requested. Things were calm but not cold, their conversation lending to ebbs and flows of flirtation and romantic gestures and downright scintillation.

“Mmmm…” Shelby purred, licking the last bit of chocolate off of her fork and tossing it into the box. “That was delicious. Great suggestion. I’ll have to remember The Dessert Lady.”

“My pleasure. I mean that. Watching you eat is amazing.”

“What? Do I eat weird?”

“No, no. Not at all. The way you lick your lips and the sounds you make. It’s a turn on.”

“Is it, really? Or are you horny?”

Jackson paused for a beat, blinked and said, “Probably a little of both.”

“Probably,” Shelby agreed, with a giggle. “I can probably help you with that.”

“Probably,” Jackson mimicked, hoisting himself up and sliding over on the couch, right up next to her. “Are you okay? Is this… am I moving too fast?”

“Hmm mmm…” she hummed, turning toward him, tucking one leg under the other.  “You’re fine. You’re fine.”

“Well then, get comfortable, honey. You’re not going anywhere for a while. Take your clothes off.” He laughed, tapping her on the arm. “I mean… take your shoes off.”

Shelby laughed, slipping off the low heeled pumps and setting them next to the couch, stretching her toes. “Shoes are off. Clothes to follow.”

“I think you should leave that to me.”


“I think you should let me kiss you. I bet you taste good. Like chocolate and wine.”

“I bet I do.”

“I think you should let me taste you. I bet you taste good, too.”

“I bet I do.”

“I think you should–”

“I think you should kiss me already.” Shelby grabbed his chin and pulled him to her. His lips landed on hers with a muffled mmmph, then a groan from deep in his throat as their tongues met in a hot, wet swirl. She whimpered and whined, the fire in her belly building again, streaks of white lightning rippling through her.

“Mmmm… you’re good at that,” she whispered, sitting up a little so she could get closer.

“I try,” he mumbled before claiming her lips again. He reached for her, running a hand from her hip to her thigh, then hooking behind her knee and pulling her leg over his, further and further until she was right up against him. He turned on the couch, so she was on his lap. She felt him, hard and hot and pressed right up against her. She almost teared up at the sensation, her hands shaking, finding it a little hard to breathe.

“I wish I could tell you how good you feel, up against me. How much I want to grind into you. Bad, really bad, that’s how much.”

“I can see it in your face. You don’t have to hold back with me. Let it go, if you want.”

How kind of him to think she was afraid, or she was holding back and to try to comfort her. Neither assumption could be further from the truth.

“Without talking about the past,” she mumbled into his mouth, onto his lips. God, his mouth. “I’m not wasting anything on a dry romp on the couch.” She pulled back and grabbed his face, stared straight into his eyes.

He gulped. And then grinned. “Aw, shit. It’s about to be on. Let me know when you want that.”

“I wanted it yesterday. So take your time. There’s more of me that I want you to see before we get there.”

Jackson laughed that sexy, dirty, throaty laugh. She loved it, especially when he was right up against her neck and he was licking her skin and his breath was hot and goose bumps were flying. His hands were restless, steadily moving from her back where the heat seared her skin through the sheer fabric, to the generous cheeks in tight jeans. They moved down over her hips and her thighs, down her legs to her feet tucked under her. She was a little ticklish, he found, making a game out of getting her to laugh while holding her mouth hostage.

Shelby was hot and getting hotter–not simply turned on but sweating. “Jackson… my shirt. Take it off, please.” She lifted her arms so he could pull it off. He grinned, his bottom lip caught between his teeth and brought them back down.

“Unh uh. I don’t want to do it like that. You asked for slow. We’re going to take our time.”

Shelby was starting to regret asking for that, but the regret faded as he ran his hands up her sides and over her chest, palming her breasts and squeezing them through the thin material. He groaned, his hips thrusting up under her a few times as he took his time exploring them, filling his hands with them. Her eyes slid closed, her arms hung limply, her head tilted back.

How have I gone so long without this? Without a man’s hands on my body and lips on my skin? I need more of this. A lot more. And often.

One by one, the snaps on her blouse were pulled apart, exposing her skin, revealing her bra of wispy black lace. The shirt pulled open when the last button was undone and fell alongside her breasts. Hands were at her waist, holding her tight and then a long, wet streak licked between her breasts. She moaned and shuddered, feeling her nipples rise, straining against the lacy cup, then yelped as the pad of his thumb brushed lightly across each of them. A little nipple play and something to rub up against was a one-two punch.

She had to be careful, riding the line with caution. She wanted to enjoy herself but didn’t want it to be over too soon. She wanted him, his hands on her, his lips on her, but more than anything, she wanted the hard mass of flesh and muscle pressed against her to be driving hard inside her. She wanted him to feel her, what he was doing to her, feel her clench around him. Her thoughts were consumed with it. Had been, all day.



Thanks for joining me on this ride, one mo’ again! Let’s have some fun!

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