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Review- Best Kept Secrets by Shelly Ellis

Posted 25 August, 2015 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Best Kept Secrets Book Cover Best Kept Secrets
Chesterton Scandal
Shelly Ellis
August 25, 2015
eBook, Paperback

Between the fall-out from his father's latest shady business dealings and his wife Charisse's alcoholism, Evan Murdoch has his hands full. But he should be most concerned about the scandalous affair Charisse is having right under his nose--with his half-brother. Evan's being pushed to the edge, and no one knows that better than Leila Hawkins...

Leila is back in Chesterton, divorced, penniless, and desperate enough to do anything to save her mother's home from foreclosure--including turning to Evan, her former best friend. But Evan isn't interested in friendship. Instead he makes Leila a shocking indecent proposal...

Meanwhile, Evan's newlywed sister, Paulette, wants to be the perfect wife. But a blackmailing bad boy ex has reappeared in her life--and he's threatening to reveal her most painful secret...

The scandals just won't quit--and for everyone involved, desire, betrayal, and lies are all in a day's work...

So, I started reading this book during a bit of a slump. I’d rolled through several novels, many of them being romances, SWEET ROMANCES and I was frankly just OVER IT. I needed something I could sink my teeth into, something that would make me want to pop some popcorn to eat while reading it. Lemme tell ya’ll… Best Kept Secrets IS. THE. BUSINESS.

Took me a liiiiiiitle bit to get into it, but around chapter 3, Shelly Ellis had a sis by the eyeballs. The story bounces from Paulette to Leila (high school best friends), to Evan to Dante (half brothers, one with sinister motives) with some other characters thrown in to round out the wealthy Murdoch Family, well known in Chesterton, Va. Throughout the novel, we take a roller coaster ride through the secrets that each of them is keeping– from the public and from each other.

Evan is the successor to the Murdoch fortune and legacy. On the outside, he appears happy and successful next to his wife, Charisse. No one knows that their marriage is a sham and has been for some time. Evan harbors a long-held affection for a woman that he pushed out of his life long ago. When she resurfaces, the feelings he thought he’d buried come back to life… but Evan is stuck in a faux rendition of Happily Ever After and to extract himself would bring shame to the Murdoch name. Is he stuck, or can he make a move?

Paulette has an enormous secret that few know about, but when an old enemy pops up from her past, her loving, happy marriage and “Sweet Pea” standing in the family are in danger of being uprooted and destroyed. The more she tries to keep her past missteps under wraps, the harder it gets to keep everyone she loves in the dark. When her life explodes around her, Paulette is left wondering who she’s REALLY married to.

Leila and Evan hadn’t spoken in years, so when she shows up at Paulette’s wedding, no one is more surprised- and angry – to see her than Evan. Old feelings resurface, old wounds pulse with renewed fervor. Leila desperately needs Evan’s help… but first she has to get him to forgive her.

The stories in this novel intertwine so intricately, and are woven together so well. It’s like a game of dominoes where one when one falls, everything behind it tumbles. This book is intriguing, full of romance, scandal and mystery…. and also some good lovin’.

Ellis issues a warning that the books in this series end on cliffhangers… Knowing that going in, I was okay when I got to the end but it wasn’t the end and WHEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW…… the end of this book you aren’t even going to BELIEVE. Already can’t wait for the next book!

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