#WIPWednesday – Writing, writing and also writing

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WIP Wednesday


Hello folks! It’s another #WIP Wednesday and another brief update on progress on Brunch at Ruby’s!

I am happy to report that the book seems to be making really great strides lately. I’ve hit the crux of my drama where all of the stories pretty much intertwine and it’s fun to figure out in my head how to write it all and convey the mess to my readers. I had a friend do a quick Alpha Read of pages so far and the report was great. Onward!

I estimate this story to be about 130K when I finish it. I’ll then revise and add/change/delete but I think that number will stay static so that’s my goal. I broke 100K words over the weekend (yay!) so I’m adding here and there this week but I will be back on the Warrior Path this weekend, in a hotel room typing away. I don’t know what it is about my house, it’s not like it’s a majorly exciting place, but I just get so much more done when I book a room to write.

I’m staring at my calendar and realizing that I basically have two weekends left before my self imposed soft deadline for Draft Zero. I think I can make it, but somewhere in there I turn 40, so that’s a bit of a distraction!

If you’re curious about some of the images that I have in my head while I write my characters or the scenery in the novel, I have added a few pictures to the Cast album on the WriterMJones Facebook Page. Feel free to like the page and follow me there!



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