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pencilI was just flitting through Facebook, reading posts and liking things as I am wont to do and I saw a fun post from Author Jami Gold. She was participating in a meme where you post a few paragraphs from page seven of an unedited manuscript. YES I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS.

The premise of this snippet (or needed information) is that the story starts the day after my character has admitted to her husband that she’s been having an affair. Here she is recounting the events that led to her decision to tell him.

Here we go, from Page 7 of Brunch at Ruby’s:

David had stopped by my office to drop off the forms required by his department to account for all sports equipment. I knew he was coming and had planned to be gone, but a series of meetings put me behind, so I was packing up to leave just as David stepped inside.

“Hi.” I felt my face flush as I said it. “Is that your equipment form?”

“Yeah,” he said, bypassing me and dropping the form in the IN basket on my desk. I was always yelling at staff about using the baskets. Things will get lost on my desk. Put them in the basket!

He then took a wide legged stance and shoved both hands in his pockets. “All there, all good. We’re ready.”

“Great.” I stared at him with arms full of folders and a heavy bag hanging from my shoulder. “So, was there anything else?”

“Just this.” He stepped toward me and dropped his lips to mine.  The kiss lingered and only ended when an audible gasp interrupted the quiet. Both of our heads whipped toward the sound in time to see a fleeting figure dart out of the doorway and down the hall.

David dashed out of the open door, trying to follow. In a few minutes, he was back, worry all over his face. “That wasn’t good.”

No shit, I thought, rolling my eyes. I could hardly breathe.

“Maybe they didn’t see anything.”

“Maybe they didn’t see your tongue halfway down my throat? Are you serious?”

David shrugged a bulky shoulder. “Well… maybe it won’t be that big of a deal. Whoever it was… it’s our word against theirs. Who’d believe them?”

Who, pray tell?

The School Board.  My husband.  My daughter. Her friends.

It didn’t even matter what was true or false anymore. Even the rumor could destroy me. David might survive, but I’m the Principal. I surely won’t.

I sank into my chair and dropped my face into my hands. School was starting in a few days. The thought of my fate being in someone else’s hands or someone having something to hold over me didn’t sit well.


So I jumped in front of the train. Tried to spin it.  I spilled everything to Willard, not out of a need to save my marriage, to be honest with him, to repair what was broken. Not even out of a sense of loyalty and full disclosure. I told my husband about my affair because I got caught and some shit was about to hit the fan.


Note: the above work is from an unedited, in progress work of fiction. 


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