#WIP Wednesday- Weekend Warrior!

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WIP Wednesday

Way back… like last summer, I decided that for my 40th birthday, I wanted to have finished my book. Now, not a polished, edited, pretty draft, but what I call Draft Zero, which is pretty much just words on a page. Just empty my brain onto the paper and ‘give me something to hate’ as my boss says.  I’m planning on having to work up to the first draft, that’s how messy draft zero will probably be.

During November, I did #NANOWRIMO- or National Novel Writing Month. I realized that I had become stuck because I was focusing on the wrong Point of View, the story wasn’t in a tense that flowed for me in my mind and I had written myself into a corner. So I started over. I finished NaNo with 56,000 words of a brand new start. It’s been off to the races ever since.

My Draft Zero deadline is March 31. I turn 40 just a few days before that, so I’m hoping that I can write write write till my fingers fall off this month. Last weekend, I packed up some comfy clothes, my mini laptop, my keyboard and mouse and my Writer Fuel (Skittles) and hunkered down in a hotel to make myself write without distraction.

So how did it go?

It was amazing! I got in over 10,000 words, about four chapters or so and made it out of Part II into Part III. There are four parts to the book, so… carry the one… and I am a little over halfway done with the book. It’s exciting to be this far and I honestly love my characters and am excited about the story line trajectory. I just don’t concentrate well here at home. I also don’t have a desk, so I do all my writing sitting on my rear end on the bed. Much more writing gets done when I am in a chair at a desk. Or a counter, as it were. Plus I sleep so well in a hotel bed.

I’ve decided to choose a different area of town every weekend and enjoy the sights while I happen to be out and about, but mostly I need to concentrate and get this book written and this seems to be the best way to do it.

Here’s to another Writing Retreat weekend, in just a few days!


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