BOLO: New Year’s Eve just got spicy!

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Hey readers!

So, I told myself that I was going to be bold this year and start putting some of my work out there. Short stories, novellas, anything to encourage myself to write.

But then I got scared and my hind parts went numb at the thought of complete strangers reading me and unloading their unmitigated opinion on my precious baby works.

But then I told myself to get over it, I’ll never know what happens until I do it, and besides, I’m going to have to jump into this world sometime.

So I put my Big Girl Pants on and decided to take a story that was not selected for a Holiday anthology and put it out there in the world. It’ll be available on New Year’s Eve and it will be free!

AnonymousCover_FinalJacob Cutter, Time’s Most Eligible Bachelor in Tech, knows all about hard work. As CEO of KeyPads, a mobile technology firm, there’s always work to be done, even in his down time. He hasn’t had a free moment for dinner with his parents in months and forget dating– it’s a chore when women know your name and your net worth on sight.  Jacob feels like he’s getting too old, too fast. What he needs is a break.

Franklin, his oldest friend and business partner,  comes to the rescue with a plan to hit the white sands of Miami Beach to celebrate the New Year. After three days of partying with the guys, Jacob begs off of a beach bash and sets out in search of someone soft to spend the night in his arms.

He finds ‘her‘ in a Cuban dance club– alluring, interesting and mysterious. When she won’t reveal her name, the evening becomes a sexy round of cat and mouse. While she plays her hand, Jacob has a twist of his own in mind. Can they both win at this game?

One Response to “BOLO: New Year’s Eve just got spicy!”

  1. celticbrighid

    Don’t be afraid and the story sounds delicious and fun. Besides there is a possibility comments aren’t as plentiful as you would think and you might find you wish they were. Good luck