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I have hit another memorable milestone in my novel writing journey!

I finished the major writing on Ruby’s at the end of April. I have edited and rewritten and done more editing and adding and cutting and I’m finally at a point where I (think) I am ready for other eyes to read it. Going back through it, I still see a lot that I want to work on, but I don’t want to do another pass through the manuscript until others have read it.

And this is the point where I entrust years of work to someone to read and pass judgement as to whether the story makes sense, if the dialog is realistic, if the pacing is steady and doesn’t lag and if the story in general ‘doesn’t suck’. As long as it doesn’t suck I guess I can be happy.


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Everyone I know wants to read it. Because they know me and they’re excited about the book. I’m entirely more concerned about people that don’t know me– strangers on a train, I call them. Would they pick up my book and be engrossed in it, or would they get bored and put it down?

Not everyone is going to love it. It’s a debut novel, for sure…. but I have to start somewhere.  I’m pleased to be starting here.

Now I have to figure out how this Beta thing works. And then I have to ACTUALLY read the comments that come when people have read it.

I also still need to write a synopsis and start researching how to write a query. Oh MY!

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