[Review] Zane Presents: The Cost of Love and Sanity by Jaye Cherié

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The Cost of Love and SanityThe Cost of Love and Sanity by Jaye Cherié

Expected publication: January 14th 2014 by Strebor Books


For Alex Carter, everything is going according to plan she’s built a successful career and has a steady boyfriend, until life decides to throw a wrench in the mix. Suddenly, her company threatens to downsize and her boyfriend ends their relationship. It is then that she realizes that, like many women, she has neglected to pursue love and family;the goals closest to her heart in favor of a career.

As a new year begins and Alex decides to focus on personal concerns, she runs into an old flame, Nathan Chestnut. Though she once had it bad for Nathan, she’s careful about trusting him again. Alex’s remedy is to ask him for an unexpected favor, which seems like the perfect resolution to her broken belief in happiness until she realizes that it can only grant her a piece of her dreams.

As her heart and reality get in the way of her request, Alex reaches a major crossroad. Will she gather her faith and fix the situation? Or will she suffer in silence for the rest of her life?

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Alex Carter is a woman on track to Having it All- great job, nice car, her own home, a dedicated boyfriend. However, just under the surface, a giant rift tosses a tsunami into her life. Her job suddenly isn’t going so well. Her boyfriend turns all jerkface and to top it off, she’s got baby fever. With jerkface boyfriend out of the picture, Alex feels like she might never have a baby.

Her boss gives her an opportunity to save her job, but to do so, she has to work with an employee she doesn’t like and doesn’t get along with.   Nathan, an old beau comes back into her life and, surprisingly, Alex feels like this might be IT. But just when she starts to feel comfortable, ghosts from the past come to haunt her and her fears get the best of her. Will Alex ever get what she wants and truly have it all?

I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand as an unpublished author, I’m happy to see a writer get a leg up by an author such as Zane. Specifically a black female author. There must be an immense sense of pride in seeing your name in print.

On the other hand, and maybe it’s because I typically read much deeper fare, the writing in this novel seemed very simplistic and ‘easy’. The events were set out so straightforward, with few descriptive details or exposition. Lots of internal dialog but I felt there wasn’t a lot to show me motivation. WHY a character feels, acts, IS a certain way.

I think Alex’s biggest issue is control.  She’s micromanaged every other aspect of her life to perfection. The part that she can’t control– finding a man, having a marriage and family– are out of her control.  Alex’s issues ad motivations all center around her need to have a child. Her conversations and reactions to people, specifically when she would withdraw from a person or a conversation, seemed to occur when she perceived that someone was judging her about her situation. Alex developed such tunnel vision, to the point that she potentially destroyed a relationship but still paved a way for a baby to happen. Then her (unfounded) fears took over and Alex once again became the control freak that has micromanaged her life to the nth degree.

As a fellow control freak, I completely understand. But sometimes you have to let go and let what’s going to happen, happen. And sometimes when you do, wonderful things come about.

This was my first novel by Jaye Cherie and my first Zane Presents selection. It was a quick, easy read, one I finished over a few hours in as many days.

I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss.

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