Tales of the Unfinished: Selections from the DNF Files!

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I was driving to work this morning listening to the Dear Bitches, Smart Authors podcast from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books & Dear Author. Sarah mentioned that she was trying really hard to plow through a book and not ‘dnf’ it (did not finish) because it would be her third in a row, but she was having a difficult time with it. I laughed because I have DNF’d, I think three books in the last week. My patience with a novel just runs so short. I have SO MANY books I want to read. If it doesn’t click, I just don’t force it. I’m sure there’ll be a subset of people that love it and will give it high marks so I don’t feel bad about it.

But I thought I might share a couple of books I decided to put down recently. Maybe they might appeal to you, and then you can email me and tell me how nuts I am because the book is AWESOOOMMEEE.

*Note a couple of these, I think, are pre-publication at the very moment I am typing this. I get ARC copies of books from NetGalley and Edelweiss, courtesy the publisher. I agree to read the book, post a review and bully all of my friends into reading and buying the most excellent ones.

  • Red Now and Laters – Guillory, Marcus J. – This book actually looks fabulous. Deep and meaningful, set in Houston, there’s a lot of Creole history and language. I just…did not have the time or brain capacity to pay attention to every word. I am trying to write a book and I need all the brain cells I can spare. I do plan to pick this up when it is published and read it at a later date.
  • Four Friends  -Carr, Robyn -I recently read The Chance and I’ve previously read The Newcomer by Robyn Carr. Both I made my way through, but I think Four Friends is probably my last Carr attempt, sad to say. My liking for Contemp. Romance is just so narrow, so thin. I don’t read romance voraciously, I pick and choose. I just didn’t choose this one and it’s not even really a romance. I read the blurb at the end of The Chance and thought it would be good but at 15% in, I didn’t care what happened in the rest of the book. Maybe I’ll give it a try later when I am more patient?
  • The Education of Victoria  -Meadows, Angela – so I recently got an email that this book was not going to be published at all. The reviews of it on GR weren’t very positive and I sadly had to add mine to the melee. It was one long sex scene. It was supposed to be historical fiction but some of the terminology was decidedly present day. Didn’t even feel like trying.
  • Cider Brook (Swift River Valley, #3) Neggers, Carla – didn’t connect with the book or the heroine at all. Totally a case of loving the cover and not reading anything about it. I just got about 10 % in and decided I didn’t’ really want to find out what happens when a woman goes looking for pirates. Yes, pirates.
  • Heaven’s Price  -Brown, Sandra – I think this was the first Sandra Brown ever published. Holy GAWDT she has gotten better! I’m a burgeoning Sandra Brown fan so I’m trying to read her entire backlist. This one, I had to put down. I am pretty sure Hero/Heroine have sex more in the first five chapters than most entire books have. What got me was the Hne saying no, no and the Hero going for it anyway. Just could NOT hang with the rapey, ‘no doesn’t really mean no, ma cherie, you want me!’ vibe.
  • Hearts Afire  -Mello, Deborah Fletcher – Had a really hard time getting into this book. The premise is that the Heroine, Maitlyn, is sent on a surprise cruise by her family,  because her divorce was rough and she needed some time to decompress.  In my mind, she meets a tall dark and handsome fella on the cruise and bing bang bong you’ve got your romance. Something in the writing or the story or the plot……just didn’t hit me in my pleasure zone. Writing was okay, it seemed like it was going to go… I just couldn’t get into it.

Those are my Tales from the Unfinished…. what books have you recently ‘DNF’d?

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