[Review] No Limits by Lori Foster

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No Limits (Ultimate, #1) Book Cover No Limits (Ultimate, #1)
Ultimate Fighter Series
Lori Foster
August 26th 2014
NetGalley/ Harlequin

Cannon Colter is quintessential hero material: chiseled jawline, shredded body—the works. He's also the guy who rescued Yvette Sweeny from kidnappers, only to put an end to her romantic dreams. These days, she's older, smarter, determined to face whatever life throws her way. Even the prospect of sharing a house and business with Cannon. 

Cannon knew Yvette wanted him three years ago. But she was young—and some things are worth waiting for. Thrown together by her grandfather's legacy, he realizes how deep Yvette's scars really go, and how much danger lurks in their quiet town. As pent-up desire explodes between them, protecting her becomes the only fight that matters. And he'll break all the rules to do it.

Once upon a time there was a book called Getting Rowdy that starred a handsome rough and tumble hunk and a minor character named Cannon. Cannon was one of those guys that should be bad news but was surprisingly vigilant about protecting his community. He ran a rec center that went pretty far in keeping kids off the street. He taught them boxing and gave them a place to go. He watched over his neighborhood and got pretty close to Rowdy.

Then there was Dash of Peril, in which Cannon played a bigger part and got to play hero to Yvette, who had been kidnapped, nearly raped and doused with kerosene. After the horror of that ordeal, Cannon and Yvette became close and ALMOST hooked up, but the trauma of it all drove her away to California. Cannon went on to become a famous fighter with the SBC… and Yvette loved and watched him from afar.

No Limits is a return to the Brotherhood that I’ve come to love, this closely knit group of men and women, small town shop owners and law enforcement, bound and determined to keep their corner of the world safe. It is also a book focused majorly on Cannon, and if you’ve read my other Lori Foster reviews, you know I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for this one!

Let me just say…………….. it doesn’t disappoint. There’s something about that sexy, smoldering, good guy under the bad guy facade that I just adore about him. He’s so protective, it’s instinct– not just about Yvette, either. At one point he’s angry with one of the fighters at the Rec Center for making remarks about his sister’s roommate. Cannon has an innate need to protect people, and he does it well. Easily. With his fists. *shrug* Hey, they deserved it.

No Limits was a great read, to me. I know some were expecting more fighting action, but we really needed to get Cannon’s story out of the way, and the way he dealt with Yvette’s stalker ex, there was plenty of fight in this novel. There was also some good ole lovemaking.

There’s a bunch of details I am leaving out, but I am not one to rehash a story when I give a review. Read the blurb, buy the book, READ IT.

Now I’m trying to figure out who the next book is about?? Armie? Denver? Stack? And who is the love interest? Hmmmm… Rissy? Vanity? Cherry? SO MANY OPTIONS. I trust Lori to write us up some good stories to read.

Excellent story, long awaited, but well worth it!

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