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Last year I read an AHHHMAZING debut novel called Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn. I am STILL beating people about the head and face with this book. I think I’ve made all of my friends read it.  Suzanne has a new book scheduled to hit bookstores in 2016 (i’m already excited to read it) and she needs our help!



FOUR-YEAR-OLD Molly Martin is as cute as they come. With her
mop of curls and precocious personality, it’s no wonder the crowd fell in
love with her when she stepped forward to do an impromptu jig with
a street musician in Santa Monica. But when a YouTube video of
her performance goes viral, it turns into another thing altogether.
Swept into the vortex of Hollywood, Molly’s star rises at lightning
speed, straight to the pinnacle of stardom, as the world falls completely
in love with her. At first it seems like the family has hit the jackpot–
fame, fortune, opportunity–but when the reality of their new life
settles in, the dark trappings of celebrity are revealed and their world
begins to splinter apart.
Molly’s mom struggles to hold it together, but when her ex-husband
appears to cash in on the action, and Molly’s older sister, Emily, finds
herself on the fast track to trouble, things begin to unravel. And in a
business where everyone is an actor and every move you make is
scrutinized by the world, it is difficult to know who to trust. Becoming
famous was easy, becoming unfamous will require the performance
of a lifetime.

This book has two titles and four covers. Which is best? Visit Suzanne’s website to cast your vote and be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble. Deadline is 12/21/14 and is open internationally.

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