In which I try to return to life as I know it…

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1386501_92761519I’ve spent the last few months working on Ruby’s. Thinking about Ruby’s. Plotting Ruby’s. Changing the plot for Ruby’s. Quitting, then restarting, then quitting, then seriously restarting, then procrastinating and then FINALLY getting down to brass tacks and WRITING Ruby’s.

I told a couple of friends that it’s really strange, right now, to not have to go home and work on a chapter or plan the next two or think about how to get to the end result I already have in my head. To not figure out how to bring across the point where the stories intersect, who tells what part and who picks it up from there? It’s done. Well, Draft Zero is done. And I really want to open it up and start editing, prettying, moving things around. I’ve already rewritten the first page in my head.

I’m abstaining, though. I need distance. For the good of me, my brain and my manuscript, I need distance.

I also need brain food. WORDS. Plot, thoughts, ideas, imagery. FICTION. I need to read. I haven’t really read a book in months. I’m DYING to dig into some, but I feel like I want to read something goooood and I can’t figure out which of the awesome books I’ve picked up lately would be gooooood to read.

The first quarter of the NetGalley Feedback challenge wrapped up yesterday, and looking back on my year so far, I didn’t do too badly! I raised my feedback percentage about 3 points to 45… still nowhere near the 80% they recommend but working on it… as soon as I stop requesting new books. :/ I’ve read 12 of the 20 I pledged to read this year and I see them going by rather quickly and me raising my goal, which isn’t bad at all.

I’m also trying to get back to some writing for fun’s sake, which means continuing my serial at the NF archive. I know a few people are happy to read that and that makes me feel good. I’ve gotten used to using Scrivener now, so I’m plugging my current chapters/scenes in and we’ll see where I need to go from there. I don’t know how that story ends yet.. I guess I’ll find out when it comes to me!

How do you decompress from completion of a large project? What’s your return process? 

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