Heading into home stretch of the NetGalley Reading Challenge 2014

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This year, I’ve been participating in a really fun reading challenge with Ariel Avalon. The NetGalley Reading Challenge was organized as a way to increase our reading, specifically of Advanced Reader Copies (or ARC) of novels that bloggers and readers receive from services like NetGalley and Edelweiss, etc. The books are furnished by the publisher. If you see a book you’d like to read before publication, you request said book. Upon approval from the publisher, you receive a review copy of the novel and are requested to read and post an unbiased, honest review before the book goes on sale. This helps to increase the hype for the upcoming novel. It also helps me read more!

At NetGalley, the recommended ratio of approved books to feedback given is 80%. Mine was a dismal 42 at the beginning of the year, so in an effort to change that, I began requesting and reviewing everything I could get my hands on. Even if I didn’t like it (or finish it) I offered feedback. Then I found this challenge and I went from wanting to read ten books for NetGalley to wanting to read 20. Now I’m at 38 and aiming for 50.

This has had a great impact on my Goodreads challenge, since all those books count toward my number of books read for the year. My goal was 50 and I hit that around midsummer. I raised it to 75 and now I am at 63. I doubt I can hit 100 for the year, considering I have some WRITINGGGG I need to be doing but if I can top 75, that will be the most books I’ve read in the last three years!

So we are headed into the 4th quarter of the challenge and I am still chugging along. I have 12 books to read to hit my goal of reading 50 books for NetGalley this year. I’m still reading and requesting and we’re hitting the holiday season so I know I can always get some fun, Happily Ever After Holiday reads for my Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.  I’m already in the HardCore section of the challenge so I don’t think I need to change or declare anything….. just need to GET READIN’.

And REVIEWIN’. That’s the important part.


Everyone have a great quarter!

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