Going hardcore ya’ll… for the 2015 NetGalley Reading Challenge at Fictively.com!

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2014 was a banner year for reading, specifically for reading eGalleys from NetGalley. My count so far is 41 books in this year’s challenge and I am reading two more as I type. I hope to top 45 this year so…woohoo! My ratio right now is just over 50%, which is FANTASTIC because it was abysmal at the start of 2014.  The recommended ratio is 80% so I am going to be spending 2015 getting to that number. I’ve got some great galleys to get me there!

So this is my post for 2015’s challenge!


I’ve chosen the HARDCORE level, since I read a lot and 40 books was no challenge at all for this year.

As always I’ll track my progress via a Goodreads list and along the side panel.  Once a quarter, we update at Fictively.com and enter a drawing for prizes. Want to join? Head on over to Fictively and jump right in!


And if you’re interested in reading books and yapping about them before their publication date, head on over to NETGALLEY and sign right up! Some great books coming out in 2015. I’m so spoiled by being able to read some of my favorite authors before anyone else!

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