#FridayReads/Weekend Reads- Yours Forever by Farrah Rochon + more!

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It’s the weekend again, and I don’t think I’m the ONLY person shouting HOORAY! It’s been a helluva week at Day Job– we’re launching a brand new location and so much planning and logistics has fallen to me, since this is a local center. I’ve done everything from pick accent colors and art for walls to putting together a MONDO (like almost $1K) office supply order to picking out snazzy sexy vending machines. Amazing what it takes  to put a place together!

It has been crazy busy and I’ve not had much time for reading or writing, but I haven’t forgotten ALL of my posts this week. I am planning my reading for the weekend and of course want to share what I’ve got coming up.

I am reading Yours Forever by Farrah Rochon who has quickly risen to the ranks of one of my favorite Kimani/HQN writers. Her style is easy but not simplistic and I appreciate how she dives right into the story and the attraction. This novel has a historic twist that I’m really digging and I hope readers will too.

cover39762-medium  Can the sins of the past… 

Louisiana powerhouse attorney Matthew Gauthier has spent a lifetime safeguarding his prominent family’s scandalous history. So when Tamryn West makes it her mission to dig up the past, Matthew must do everything in his power to stop her. But his plan to distract the alluring history professor begins to send his own passions raging out of control.

…become the hope of the future? 

Tamryn came to the town of Gauthier to find the diary that could be the missing link to her grandmother and her enduring legacy. In the process, she stumbles onto the secrets of another family—secrets Matt will protect at any cost. As his sensual touch awakens Tamryn’s deepest desires, will a revelation that could make her career cost Matt his political dreams—and their future together?

This book will be available February 18th, 2014. Look for my review on or before that date here or on Goodreads.


Also, how serendipitous (and I hope I am using that word correctly, perhaps I mean coincidental but in a fancier sense…) that I just listened to a really really great interview that author Lisa Renee Jones gave on the DBSA postcast (Dear Bitches Smart Authors by Sarah from Smart Bitches and Jane from Dear Author) about writing, self publishing and the market. She struck me as a knowledgeable author not only about the world of writing but of publishing and marketing as well. It opened my eyes to how much I really don’t know about the business I want to be in.

This is all kinds of awesome because I was approved to read her latest release, His Secrets, for review!


In this dark and sensual e-novella, which ties into Lisa Renee Jones’s bestselling Inside Out series, Chris’s dark point of view comes to light as he tries to win—then hold onto—Sara’s heart.

In a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness. And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life into hers.

She doesn’t see it. She doesn’t understand what I’ve shown her. And my biggest fear is that soon…she will.

This title will be available February 24th. Look for my review on or before then here or at GoodReads.

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