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[Review] No Limits by Lori Foster

[Review] No Limits by Lori Foster

No Limits was a great read, to me. I know some were expecting more fighting action, but we really needed to get Cannon’s story out of the way, and the way he dealt with Yvette’s stalker ex, there was plenty of fight in this novel. There was also some good ole lovemaking.

There’s a bunch of details I am leaving out, but I am not one to rehash a story when I give a review. Read the blurb, buy the book, READ IT.

[Review] Blurring the Lines (Invitation to Eden Series) by Roni Loren

Blurring the Lines is beautifully, magically written, featuring a touch of paranormal but in a way that’s more comforting than scary. The island knows what you need, and both Gretchen and Burke find just what they need on Eden. This is also a classic friends-to-lovers romance, featuring two strong characters destined to be together, if only they could let go of the bond that they think connects them.

[Guest Review! ] The Other Side of the Pillow by Zane

Today’s review is courtesy one of my favorite Book Bloggers, Lisa at We have incredibly similar reading tastes and I always know that if she loves something, I should take a look! When The Other Side of the Pillow popped up, we both decided we’d read it to see what it was about, then thought it would be fun to cross post reviews. This is my first crosspost, so haaaaayyyyy R4P Readers!

You can find other reviews on her site, Take it away, Lisa!

*Squee Cannon ™* Cover Reveal – Cherish by Tracey Garvis Graves

So, this is my first cover reveal (YAY) and I am EXCITED that it is for one of my favorite new authors, Tracey Garvis Graves. Her new novel, Cherish (followup to Covet) will be published later this year and today we get a sneak peak at the cover!

I am thrilled to share the gorgeous cover for Cherish, by New York Times Bestselling Author Tracey Garvis-Graves. This novella is a companion to Covet.

Fans of Covet by New York Times bestselling author Tracey Garvis Graves will be delighted by this novella-length sequel.