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That one time when you thought you were done writing your book…

Posted 29 July, 2014 by DLWhite in Writers Write 1 Comment

… and then you realized you had so much more work to do. This is the part when I realize I am not as done as I thought I was. Not even close.

There’s something to be said for getting away from your project, and giving yourself some space. I was in love with this story, and I still am. My focus, right now, is crafting a story that will catch the eye and sell the book.


I’ve received some feedback from readers and have been futzing with the manuscript. When people say the hardest part is writing it, they have clearly never edited. Several times. I think I am on edit #5 and I know, for sure, I have a few more rounds. Tightening, changing details, making things more pronounced, DROPPING WORD COUNT LIKE WHOA. Ruby’s is bloated and roaming and expository. I want it to be succinct and direct, but still beautiful prose.

That balance is difficult to achieve when you’re so close to it. I’ve told myself to leave it alone for a few weeks. Just let it sit. Get my feedback, think about it, but leave RUby’s alone. Do something else. Get away from it for awhile.

Then come back with a clear mind, unemotional about ‘my baby’, my story, and then craft these words into what I want them to be.

Did I write and save my original story, what was close to my heart? You betcha. My original MS is safe and sound. I’m proud of the story I wrote. But I saved a new version and that is now being torn down and rebuilt into a better Ruby’s.

This, my writerly ready friends……is the hard part.

Don’t even get me started on the query process.