Writing Update!

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cincinnati_editing_jobsNotice I said writing update and not novel update because aside from re-reading what I’ve already written, doing some plotting work sheets and mapping out my Acts, I haven’t resumed writing. However, I will. I’m gearing up for it. I just feel it. Yeah.

I know, I am going to have to force myself into it. Part of my issue is that I am elbows deep into a serial for the archive and I’m not in a huge hurry to say goodbye to these characters. This story marks my return to writing, so I’m enjoying writing for the sake of writing and not trying to write a really good first novel so I can get an agent and be published. I’ll save that stress for later.

I’ve also picked up my mantle (however temporarily) as the challenges…..person at the fiction archive. We’re going to be doing PopTober, which is a challenge we did back in 2011 with great success. Writers sign up to write a short piece and on their assigned day, they post it. This gets them some reads, some reviews and always new followers of their work. Plus the archive gets 30 new stories. The fandom has been dry, dry dry, but then this happened:

tumblr_ms53bjlnyx1r0ilflo1_500and it’s been great because writers (and readers) have been coming back to the archive. This makes my cold, dead heart beat again!

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing! If you’re interested in my current serial, take yourself over to the fanfiction archive here or my personal archive here and take a peek at A Thin Line. It’s fun times, man. Word to the wise, it is Rated R (hard, hard R) so NSFW!

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