Progress 7/29

Posted 29 July, 2013 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

I’ve not made a ton of tangible progress on the book so far. Still in the beginning steps of planning out the story, the beats, making sure I have all of the elements there.

I wrote out the Acts I, II and III and started my Synopsis. Some find this easier before writing. I’ll put together what I can now and revise it once I get to a reasonable point to see what has to/will need to change.

I’m still excited, just not in a huge rush to sit down and write out those beginning words… considering I have six chapters of beginning words. I want it to work this time.

I’ve been reading Art of War for Writers and it’s been good for me. Very encouraging in that it makes me feel like I am putting on my war paint and going into battle. A battle I can and will win.

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