Monday Warmup + 15/15/15 Challenge Update!

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I’m taking advantage of being in a good mood and having a good day to post a warm up and report in on my year end challenge for myself. Let’s start with the challenge, shall we?


Photo courtesy  Lincolnian (Brian),

Photo courtesy Lincolnian (Brian),

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[progpress title=”Pounds” goal=”15″ current=”2″ previous=”0″ label=”Lbs”]

[progpress title=”Chapters” goal=”15″ current=”1.8″ previous=”0″ label=”Chapters”]

I read Sycamore Row last week (FANTASTIC BOOK), I lost two lbs and got a little further on Ch16. I’m struggling with it because I am bored by the stage of the story I am in. I kind of need this story to be over soon. I’m tired of writing it. Sorry to say, I’m ready to move on now. People are reading it and like it, though. I want to see it thru, but I don’t want to crap out some mess and call it good. Dilemma.

Monday Warmup:

Three goals I have set for myself are…

1. Be a published author. Somehow, some way, some day.
2. Become debt free. I was close, but then what had happened was…
3. Be content with self. I’m working on it, getting there.

How about you???

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