Monday Warm Up- That Thing You’re Writing, Why’s It Awesome?

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Monday Morning Warm-Up, tell me: Why is that thing you are writing awesome? 

Question courtesy Jo Knowles

This is a tough question to answer. Not because I am modest, but because my WIP is still in its infancy and so it’s not yet awesome. It’s… okay. I don’t think it’s terrible. It’s just stuck in the mud and no matter how fervently I spin my wheels, I feel like I am more and more stuck in that mud. I don’t know how to reverse out of it. I don’t know how to push myself out of it. Just stuck and sinking deeper.

Enough of that whining. Why’s it awesome, then? Because it’s my story. It’s my story that hasn’t been told because it came from my imagination and my heart. It’s awesome because it’s inspired by some wonderful women who’ve listened to my ranting and given me feedback and one even offered to read what I have so far and give her thoughts. It’s awesome because I’m writing it.

And I still promise myself that even if it’s a steaming pile of crap on March 25, 2014, I will have finished a draft of this novel. I’ve told myself to stop messing around and get moving in October, then do a big push in November to get a lot of words written. I’m not doing NaNo, but I do hope to get a big chunk written while everyone else is furiously writing. Misery loves company, or so I hear.

I also want to have more writing updates than book reviews here. We’ll see….I read a lot of books! ;)

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